Monday, September 30, 2013

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Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of a season ....

As many of you know I have a trailer that I keep at a campground THE ROCK.  It is my home away from home for 6 months each year. It is about 90 miles from my home in a very nice area of Wisconsin.  Elkhart Lake is a beautiful resort town with lots to do and Road America is within walking distance. The Rock is a great family camping resort in fact it was named the  #1 Campground in Wisconsin for 2013. It is where I play with the kids in the pool, ride our golf cart, and drink wine with my friends. My retreat! Our trailer is 40 x10 400 square feet of modern living. I have TV, built in microwave, full size stove and fridge, walk in shower, internet, cable, all amenities of home. NO roughing it for me.

We have been going to the Rock for 10 years. Each season is a new adventure.  This year I must say was my funniest!  I played at the pool...laughed till I cried....spent quality time with friends and totally relaxed. 

 But like all things a season comes to a end. This weekend we are closing the girl up for the winter. We usually close her in October ~ but we thought we would the last week in September this year.  October in Wisconsin can be very nice or it can be nasty! Last year it was nasty! So to avoid that mess again we picked this weekend.

Today is my last day at the Rock for 2013... SAD DAY!  When we finish our coffee and get dressed we will start the closing.  I thought I would share a few things that we do when we close our trailer to make opening her up in Spring of 2014 a much happier time:
#1 - I always place a tub full of cat litter in the center of the trailer .... cat litter absorbs moisture.
#2 - I don't know if this true but it has works for us...we place dryer sheets everywhere. In the drawers on the mattress all keep out mice. All I can say is we have never had a mouse in our trailer in the winter. Never a dropping! Some use Moth Balls...I can not stand the smell of moth balls so I will not use them.
#3 - I wash all bedding and leave it on the bed...bed not made.  I think this gives the mattress 6 months of breathing.
#4 - We take all spices home and never leave any canned items in the cupboards.  I do leave sealed containers of sugar and flour. Each year when I return..within a month I switch them out with new.
#5 - We turn off the electricity to the trailer - leaving the fridge door wide open. We always add a fresh box of Baking Soda to the freezer and fridge.
#6 - I store all liquid cleaning products (dish soap, spray cleaner, etc) in a tub. Over the years we have found that they are find when they freeze and thaw.
#7 - I always make sure there is at least one roll of toilet paper when we leave...terrible to arrive in Spring and no TP!
#8 - We bring in lawn furniture cushions and place them on top of TV trays..then we push all furniture up to the trailer under the awning.
#9 - We always take our LED TV home..standing up in the back seat of the truck.
#10 - I return my cable box and internet router to Time Warner. Each year I only purchase seasonal service 6 months.  What is nice about that is often I can cash in on specials since I am like a new customer each year.
#11 - Hubby and friend drain water and add pink RV anti-freeze.
#12 - Make sure golf cart has water in the batteries.
#13 - Pack everything on the deck - turning off the batteries on outside lights. Hubby is a fantastic packer he can get everything in the shed.

Well it is time I get going. Time to shut down the notebook and disconnect the internet. Gosh it was a fun season!!!   I plan to make 2014 even better!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


Some days rude people amaze me. I really believe the world would be a better place if everyone treated each other like they would like to be treated:

* NO more nasty social media comments. Why must everyone jump on the defense right     away. 
* MORE tolerance of a mistake! We all make them!
* LESS caring about what the other person is doing. Why must some feel the need to be    the people police?
* STOP feeling like they have been wronged!  Life is not is Give & Take.
* ACCIDENTS do happen.
* IF you can not be nice at work...then please find another job.  Nobody likes a bully at work.  Yes, a person that complains about everything- talks about fellow co-workers - finds fault in everything is a BULLY!
* WHY think something is wrong with someone that has a GOOD DAY!  Shouldn't everyone try to have a good day.
* SMILE more.
* LAUGH more

It is amazing to me how crabby and down right rude people can be.  How un-happy they are and how they feel wronged. Feelings many have and the best part is the Negative Nellie's feel they are not at fault.  REALLY!  

Each day we can decide what type of day we are going to have.... A GOOD DAY or a BAD DAY.

Oh yeah..I forgot to mention....a GOOD DAY does not mean that everything is perfect.  It is a day that YOU decide is a GOOD DAY.  

Enjoy each day as if it was your last....because one of the days WILL be your LAST!

Have you heard of Bare Fruit?

They are a delicious NATURAL snack!  

Grown in Washington State
No Added Sugar
No Additives
No Preservatives
Pure Natural Snack! 

All Natural Cinnamon Apple Chips
I love their saying "It is like a healthy Apple Pie

Make sure to check back...I will be using Bare Fruit to make one of my Favorite Breakfast meals!

Head over to enter the Bare Fruit Spa Giveaway on their Facebook page.....enter HERE!

While you are visiting their FB page enter the Motor Mouth Speaks Giveaway to WIN a FREE CASE of Apple Chips!   HERE!

Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Book of the Week..............................



FAIR DISCLOSURE: A New Jillian Hillcrest Mystery

Jillian and ex-husband Chad are enjoying a play at a local community theater when a scream interrupts the production upon discovery of a bludgeoned volunteer. When it turns out that the victim is someone Jillian interviewed for a job at her company, she becomes involved in another crime, drawn ever deeper by a second murder, an irate investor, the participation of law enforcement amateurs, an increasingly unreliable assistant, and suspicious stock trading at her company. Meanwhile, Chad is pressuring Jillian to say “yes” to a second marriage.

About Jillian Hillcrest Jillian Hillcrest is a PR Executive at a small biotechnology company in Silicon Valley who—through no fault of her own—gets drawn into solving murders.

Jillian grew up with her mother in a small town in Pennsylvania, although they moved to California when she was in middle school. Her mother now lives in southern California. Jillian never got to know her father, as he was killed in the Vietnam War. She got married right after graduating from Cal to Chad Bradbury, who is a marketing executive at a biotech company in Alameda, CA. They got divorced after 10 years of marriage, and, quite frankly, are not sure why. They still enjoy getting together. In particular, they enjoy going to restaurants and drinking wine.

Thursday, September 26, 2013


Make sure to keep checking I will be doing a review on the NESCO Dehydrator!   Living green ~ eating organic I am super excited to learn more about dehydrating.  I will be sharing my dehydrating experiences!  If you know me...there will for sure be some don't do this tips...I have been know to do some crazy things! I really want to make some holiday gifts using my NESCO dehydrator!  If you have any idea or know of a good gift item using my dehydrator...please comment.

Easy with Tastefully Simple

Tastefully Simple makes life much easier. Join us on Friday ~ September 27th for a All Day Facebook Event!  
Win some great prizes!  
Check out some delicious recipes!

Green Tip of the Week

Honey & Cinnamon Facial Mask

A make yourself facial to help relieve acme.
Use Honey & Cinnamon to make a face mask that will help improve your skin. 
By using Honey that is a natural antibacterial agent and Cinnamon that is a anti-inflammatory agent for your can help your face feel and look great by making a facial mask.  Use about 1 tablespoon of Honey to about 1/2 teaspoon of Cinnamon.  Spread on your face and allow it to soak into your skin...I like to leave it on for about 1.5 hours.  You can leave the mask on as long as you like.
Naturally repair your skin!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Nana's Apple Cake

Check out the Nana's Apple Cake It is now my families favorite dessert!!! EASY & DELICIOUS   Perfect dessert or a sweet treat for breakfast.

Tastefully Simple has some of the best tasting products. I made this with apples...the next Nana's Apple Mix I think I am making with blueberries!!!  

Please join us for our Facebook Party ~ September 27th ~ All Day long ~ join us for a chance to win some fun prizes, sharing tasty recipes, and fun facts.  

Disney Dreamers Academy ~

E! News host and actor Terrence Jenkins takes a moment to pose with Mickey Mouse, his mother Lisa Gonzalez, actress Lauren London, Disney Dreamers Academy alumnus and current University of Southern California student Princeton Parker and a group of mothers and their children at an empowerment session hosted by Disney Dreamers Academy at Disneyland Resort on Saturday. Jenkins is a speaker and ambassador for Disney Dreamers Academy with Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine held annually at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida and just released his first book The Wealth of My Mother's Wisdom. Each year Disney Dreamers Academy brings 100 high school students from across the U.S. to Walt Disney World Resort to experience a 4-day program that inspires and fuels their dreams, helps them dream bigger, discover a world of possibilities and get a jump start on making those dreams come true! 
Applications for Disney Dreamers Academy are open at through Oct. 31.
 Disney Dreamers Academy will accept applications for the 2014 program beginning July 2 to October 31, 2013. Potential Dreamers may apply for a chance to be one of 100 students selected to participate in the program. Students must be between the ages of 13–19, live in the United States, and be enrolled in high school grades 9–12 when applying.  empower3dlAttach      
Disney seeks students with a winning combination of attributes that reflect strong character, positive attitude, and persistence to take advantage of opportunities. Does this sound like someone you know? Disney is looking for Dreamers for next year’s Disney Dreamers Academy, so they can get the tools to help make their dreams come true. Follow #DDA on Facebook and Twitter for updates. You can apply online also! Read more HERE and Download the complete list of official rules.   You may remember I was invited to cover the 2013 Disney’s Dreamers Academy this last March. So many great kids and dreams. I am a FIRM supporter of all the sponsors of Disney's Dreamers Acadamy. 

This is an awesome program and opportunity for our young people. You can read more about the 2013 event HERE!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go Greener this Halloween

There are lots of ways to make Halloween a little greener and are a few ideas.................

Make a recycled costume...use old clothing, household items, etc. It is amazing what costume you will get if you let your imagination go crazy.

Check with your friends and exchange costumes....if they are like me they have a tub full of fun costumes they have worn

Give out non-food useful items like pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.

Use cloth bags for Trick or Treat Bags....they work much better than paper or plastic. Even a old pillow case is great.....let your child draw on the pillow case for the personal touch.

If you hand out food treats give Organic Raisins, fair trade chocolate or other organic
treats.   I found some great small bag organic treats that are perfect for Halloween treats.  Surf Sweets

When having a party serve local organically grown veggies and fruit.  

Use hollowed out pumpkins for bowls!  Kids LOVE IT!

Make sure to clean the pumpkin seeds and toast them for a tasty snack.  Check out the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds!  You will be amazed! Click HERE for Pumpkin Seed Nutritional Info.

Use locally produced HONEY on your scarey treats. Locally grown HONEY is amazing! Check out the reason to always buy locally grown HONEY - Click HERE

Keep trick n treating to your neighborhood. Walk with your children....saves gas and walking is excellent exercise.

Decorate your home using natural items....straw - sticks - pumpkins - gourds plus recycle items for decorations...give a old bed sheet new life as a ghost in a tree.  

Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrate Fall - Beef Stew

To Celebrate Fall I decided to make some Crock-Pot Stew!  Tasty good stew.

Easy to make and delicious to eat!


2 - 3 pounds of stew meat cut-up
1/4 cup of flour
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of pepper
1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic
2 bay leaves
3 cups of beef broth
4 teaspoons of Worcestershire sauce
8 carrots - sliced
3 tablespoons of dry tapioca 
1/3 bag of frozen baby peas
1 package of Au Jus Sauce
1 sweet onion - chopped
2 stalks of peeled celery - chopped
6 potatoes - diced

Place meat in crock-pot. In a small bowl I mix pepper, salt & flour. Mixing well - then I pour mixture over the meat to coat the meat with flour - stirring till all the meat is covered.
Add all remaining ingredients.
Cook on low for 10 to 12 hours or High from 4 to 6.  I start off on high for about 5 hours then I put on Low until we are ready to eat.

I serve with fresh baked bread!  DELICIOUS!!!

Perfect supper for a cool Fall Day!

Good Eatin' Recipe Hop ~ September 24th

Green & Glassie is proud to welcome you to 
 Good Eatin' Recipe Hop
hosted by
The 'Pitch List' Bloggers

Every Tuesday you can join us to share great recipes.........
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Perfect Halloween Treat!  Easy to make and fun for all Ages!

I call them GHOST POPS

You need:

Small Suckers
White Tissue Paper
Black Ribbon - I like the 5/8" wide ribbon then I cut it in half...causes the raveling that makes the ribbon look more Halloweenie!
Black Marker
Cut the tissue paper in squares and 6" x 6'
Place sucker top in the middle of the tissue paper square - pull tissue down over sucker
Tie ribbon at the base of the sucker
With a Black marker make a ghost face on the head of the ghost.

Isa and Davey made their classroom Halloween treats! Fun Family Craft!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Take a few minutes to join us on Friday ~ September 27th

This Friday ~ September 27th from 12:01am - 11:59 pm CST
we will be hosting a 
Tastefully Simple Party on Facebook
Win some great products and learn what new great products Tastefully Simple have to offer.

Learn great new recipes................
Here is a example of  a great recipe we will be sharing!

One-Pot Spaghetti
Submitted by Rosemary (MN) HQ Resident Chef
1½ lbs. ground beef
¼ cup Mama Mia™ Marinara Sauce Mix
28 oz. can crushed tomatoes
2½ cups water
12 oz. uncooked spaghetti, broken into 3-inch pieces
Shredded Parmesan cheese
Brown ground beef in a large saucepan with a lid; drain. Add remaining ingredients; stir to blend. Cover, reduce heat to simmer; cook 15-20 minutes or until pasta is tender. Stir occasionally to separate pasta. Add additional water if spaghetti becomes too dry. Garnish with shredded Parmesan cheese if desired. Makes 6 servings. 

Suggested sides: Buttered corn and toasted garlic bread.
Sales will be valid all day! Prizes will be announced all day! 
Join us at your convenience anytime from 12:01a, - 11:59pm CST 
Prizes will be awarded at different times during the day. Not required to be present when winner is announced...however all winners must claim their prize by 11:00 pm CST on 9/27/13 - all prizes not claimed will be forfeited.


Are you having a hard time budgeting your money? Check out what DeDa Studios has to say about a helpful way to make budgeting easy for you.  

Click HERE to learn how to Get Smart About Budgeting

Teas' Tea

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that the products mentioned in this post have been received for free for evaluation purposes or  I receive compensation for.  With that being said rest assure that I only give honest opinions. The opinions are my own and always will be.  Thanks for visiting.  

Tea and coffee are my beverages of choice. In fact they are about the only two drinks I drink. I know..I should be drinking more water. But I can not get myself to just drink water.  When Teas' Tea asked me if I was interested in doing a review on their teas - I was like of course! 
Teas' Tea sent me three bottles of their tea....Half and Half Green Tea with Green Apple, Mint Green Tea, and Rose Green Tea.  Each tasty and each have a very unique taste.  It is amazing how you can taste the rose in the Rose Green Tea. 

What is great about Teas' Tea is that they are available at many of my local markets. Even gas stations by us carry Teas' Tea. Naturally brewed great tasting teas...loaded with antioxidants to help maintain a healthy heart and neutralize free radicals. 
The natural occurring antioxidants in green tea has been researched, and a wealth of studies show the correlation between green tea antioxidants and cancer prevention, weight loss, improved eye sight, dental health, cardiovascular health etc etc. 

Teas' Tea is so good. At Caleb's baseball tournament Davey checked in my thermal and found my Half & Half Green Tea with Green Apple. The two of us were sharing it.  Caleb's games were over and we were headed to our vehicles.  Davey who is 4 stopped me and wanted my "Green Stuff". I had no idea what he meant...Dawn said he wants to take the Green Tea home! I gave him the bottle. While we were walking Davey told me to buy more! Which I did!

In 2002 ITO EN launched Teas' Tea a natural, unsweetened bottled tea.  
Teas's Tea runs some very fun and rewarding giveaways on their Facebook page.  They currently do not have a giveaway running ... but keep might be coming soon.
Did you know that ITO EN is doing it's part to make our green earth greener!


Give Teas' Tea a will not be sorry!

Make your own Crustables .....

Make your own Crustables.   I love P & J!  You can make your own!!!  Pampered Chef makes a great tool.  It is so I am making my own crustables using natural peanut butter, homemade jelly or sugar free jelly and 35 calorie bread.  Reducing my calories and making fresh tasting sandwiches. Not to mention saving $$$$!
Super easy to do.  Take two pieces of bread..peanut butter on one slice and jelly on the other. Place the two pieces of bread together - put the sandwich maker on top of the two pieces of bread.

Push down the circle to cut the bread pull the outside crust away.Then Press the sandwich maker handle to crimp the  bread.Then place crimped sandwich in a baggie and freeze!

Easy and great tasting P&J Sandwiches.  Each morning I work ~ I take a frozen P&J out of the freezer and place in my thermal lunch bag! My daughter makes them for her three children's school lunch. We also take them to Art Fairs! Very tasty!

Tasty! Saved Money! and I am Eating Ingredients I can pronounce! Does not get better that that! Natural Peanut Butter and Natural bread is low cal saving me about 100 calories a sandwich.

If you want to order your own sandwich marker....go to go to choose shop online then choose option #2 (Not invited to a show but want to place an order).
Only $10.00~

Oh friend tried to buy this tool at a local kitchen store...NOPE not available. She tried a large department store kitchen department ...NOPE not available. So it is much easier to order from Pampered Chef and save the Gas!

I use the left over bread for a few things....I make my own bread crumbs and also use some as bird food.

I was not given a product or paid to write this post...I am letting everyone know about this great kitchen tool because "IT WORKS!"

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Boogie Wipes, Kandoo's and Puff's Fresh Faces....Coupons

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that the products mentioned in this post have been received for free for evaluation purposes.  With that being said rest assure that I only give honest opinions. The opinions are my own and always will be.  Thanks for visiting.  

I am a proud Ambassador of Boogie Wipes...I was super excited when Boogie Wipes partnered with Kandoo's ~ products that the kids love to use. 
Now they have also joined with Puff's....which I LOVE!   I have extremely sensitive skin.  When Boogie Wipes sent me Puff's Fresh Faces to try ...right away I thought gosh I hope I can use these wipes.  I have tried other facial wipes that we not good for my skin.
I am ecstatic to say that the Puff's Fresh Faces work great on my skin. They are now my facial wipes of choice! Each morning and night I clean my face with the Puff's Facial Wipes.
Make sure to check out the coupons, chances to WIN, and join the Coupon Club! Great ways to SAVE $$$ on these great products.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Book of the Day..............................

 photo 528fc9f4-5cad-4d56-9e25-8b39a2896c35_zpse4b5b162.jpg

We've all had it - the "uh-oh" of wishing we could take back the comment that somehow escaped the filter between our brains and our mouths. Did I Say That Out Loud? is the tell-all account of the author's misadventures in the daily experience that is life. Told in the tone of a coffee-klatch gathering with your best girlfriends - you know, the ones you can share anything and everything with - the author holds nothing back as she recounts the trials and tribulations of life as Kelly Harman.