Sunday, September 29, 2013

End of a season ....

As many of you know I have a trailer that I keep at a campground THE ROCK.  It is my home away from home for 6 months each year. It is about 90 miles from my home in a very nice area of Wisconsin.  Elkhart Lake is a beautiful resort town with lots to do and Road America is within walking distance. The Rock is a great family camping resort in fact it was named the  #1 Campground in Wisconsin for 2013. It is where I play with the kids in the pool, ride our golf cart, and drink wine with my friends. My retreat! Our trailer is 40 x10 400 square feet of modern living. I have TV, built in microwave, full size stove and fridge, walk in shower, internet, cable, all amenities of home. NO roughing it for me.

We have been going to the Rock for 10 years. Each season is a new adventure.  This year I must say was my funniest!  I played at the pool...laughed till I cried....spent quality time with friends and totally relaxed. 

 But like all things a season comes to a end. This weekend we are closing the girl up for the winter. We usually close her in October ~ but we thought we would the last week in September this year.  October in Wisconsin can be very nice or it can be nasty! Last year it was nasty! So to avoid that mess again we picked this weekend.

Today is my last day at the Rock for 2013... SAD DAY!  When we finish our coffee and get dressed we will start the closing.  I thought I would share a few things that we do when we close our trailer to make opening her up in Spring of 2014 a much happier time:
#1 - I always place a tub full of cat litter in the center of the trailer .... cat litter absorbs moisture.
#2 - I don't know if this true but it has works for us...we place dryer sheets everywhere. In the drawers on the mattress all keep out mice. All I can say is we have never had a mouse in our trailer in the winter. Never a dropping! Some use Moth Balls...I can not stand the smell of moth balls so I will not use them.
#3 - I wash all bedding and leave it on the bed...bed not made.  I think this gives the mattress 6 months of breathing.
#4 - We take all spices home and never leave any canned items in the cupboards.  I do leave sealed containers of sugar and flour. Each year when I return..within a month I switch them out with new.
#5 - We turn off the electricity to the trailer - leaving the fridge door wide open. We always add a fresh box of Baking Soda to the freezer and fridge.
#6 - I store all liquid cleaning products (dish soap, spray cleaner, etc) in a tub. Over the years we have found that they are find when they freeze and thaw.
#7 - I always make sure there is at least one roll of toilet paper when we leave...terrible to arrive in Spring and no TP!
#8 - We bring in lawn furniture cushions and place them on top of TV trays..then we push all furniture up to the trailer under the awning.
#9 - We always take our LED TV home..standing up in the back seat of the truck.
#10 - I return my cable box and internet router to Time Warner. Each year I only purchase seasonal service 6 months.  What is nice about that is often I can cash in on specials since I am like a new customer each year.
#11 - Hubby and friend drain water and add pink RV anti-freeze.
#12 - Make sure golf cart has water in the batteries.
#13 - Pack everything on the deck - turning off the batteries on outside lights. Hubby is a fantastic packer he can get everything in the shed.

Well it is time I get going. Time to shut down the notebook and disconnect the internet. Gosh it was a fun season!!!   I plan to make 2014 even better!

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