Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Go Greener this Halloween

There are lots of ways to make Halloween a little greener and are a few ideas.................

Make a recycled costume...use old clothing, household items, etc. It is amazing what costume you will get if you let your imagination go crazy.

Check with your friends and exchange costumes....if they are like me they have a tub full of fun costumes they have worn

Give out non-food useful items like pencils, erasers, crayons, etc.

Use cloth bags for Trick or Treat Bags....they work much better than paper or plastic. Even a old pillow case is great.....let your child draw on the pillow case for the personal touch.

If you hand out food treats give Organic Raisins, fair trade chocolate or other organic
treats.   I found some great small bag organic treats that are perfect for Halloween treats.  Surf Sweets

When having a party serve local organically grown veggies and fruit.  

Use hollowed out pumpkins for bowls!  Kids LOVE IT!

Make sure to clean the pumpkin seeds and toast them for a tasty snack.  Check out the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds!  You will be amazed! Click HERE for Pumpkin Seed Nutritional Info.

Use locally produced HONEY on your scarey treats. Locally grown HONEY is amazing! Check out the reason to always buy locally grown HONEY - Click HERE

Keep trick n treating to your neighborhood. Walk with your children....saves gas and walking is excellent exercise.

Decorate your home using natural items....straw - sticks - pumpkins - gourds plus recycle items for decorations...give a old bed sheet new life as a ghost in a tree.  


  1. Never thought about making a ghost for our tree - thanks for the idea! We do have several cornstalks and pumpkins from our garden that will be fun for a display outside though!

  2. Those are some really great ideas. I love the Surf Sweets.

  3. Great tips! I love to see the kids get something healthy on non-food in their bags.

  4. We love making our own pumpkin seeds every year! Hubs would eat them every day of the season if I had them available :)

  5. Last year I made my son a ZOmbie costume from shopping at goodwill, and we've used pillow cases for candy since I was a kid

  6. I totally used a pillow case when I was young for trick or treating. It was bigger than any of the cute little pails other kids were using. I love the idea of honey as a treat. Our local farmers market has a stand that sells honey sticks.

  7. What great ideas! We love the Surf Sweets in our house! So much better for you if you need to give a sweet treat!

  8. I love Halloween and I am always looking for new ideas. Keeping it green is something I am working on.

  9. I love all your tips and tricks! I always try and take the eco friendly route whenever possible myself!