Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Today is the day.....

If you are reading this you know that I have a new blog GREEN and GLASSIE.  Yep that is me.  For the past few months I have been thinking about starting a new blog. DeDa Studios was my first born.  She was born in December of 2010.  The two of us have been through a lot of growing pains.  We worked hard together and I was able to build her up to be a high traffic blog.

I have done a lot of soul searching and I wanted to make a change on my blog.  I was not really sure what change..but I knew inside my heart I needed to change my blog. Knowing that change is good ~ I also know that change is scary! Very scary! Giving up what I have worked so hard at building for something new and different!  SCARY!

So yesterday when I trusted a source and I placed the hacking link on my blog.  I am always so careful - not trusting sites...then I do it!  I infect my own blog!

When I was frantic trying to clean up the mess on DeDa Studios...I hear ambulances, service vehicles, police racing down my road.  Racing to the boat launch. I figured something must of happened.  When I took a break from cleaning up the mess I caused on DeDa Studios ~ I noticed helicopters in the sky.  Then I realized something terrible had happened.  I went back into the house turned on the TV ~~ I was shocked. A 75 year old man with his family and friends jumped in our lake and drowned.  He was swimming and never came back up.  So that point I realized that in the whole scope of things DeDa Studios being hacked was not the end.  It was time for me to move forward with the new and celebrate my past with DeDa Studios.

I have purchased the domain name and am waiting for my own domain. Until then I will be using blogspot. Hopefully today the company will get everything completed so I can be official!

So here I am.....the new Green & Glassy! to make it extra special.....Green & Glassie is my birthday gift to myself.  Yep today is my birthday!

Please join me in Celebrating the New Me!!  Green & Glassie