Thursday, October 31, 2013

Are you a Black Friday NIGHT OWL or a EARLY BIRD?

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Wanderful Media®, the company behind Find&Save®, announced the results of the 2013 Find&Save Black Friday Shopping Survey, including what drives Black Friday shoppers, how, when and why they shop, and their strategies for finding the best deals. The full report can be accessed here.
Understanding the Black Friday Shopper
A key objective of the Find&Save Black Friday Shopping Survey was to understand their motivations for Black Friday shopping.
  • While primarily motivated by the sales, Black Friday shoppers are also driven by the thrill of the competition to find a good deal and more likely to have a tradition built around Black Friday shopping.
  • Black Friday shoppers show little store brand loyalty and are typically lured by specific deals or items they find when planning their shopping trip. The kinds of deals that are most alluring are those offering a percentage discount.
  • They are also much more likely to complete the majority of their holiday shopping on Black Friday.
Night Owl vs. Early Bird Black Friday Shoppers
The Find&Save survey compared the results of two different types of Black Friday shoppers: the “Night Owls” – Black Friday shoppers leaving their house before 5:00 AM, and the “Early Birds” – Black Friday shoppers leaving their house after 5:00 AM. An infographic showing highlights of Night Owls vs. Early Birds can be accessed here.
  • The Night Owl shoppers are likely to get most of their holiday shopping completed – 63 percent typically complete more than half of their shopping on Black Friday, compared to 42 percent among the Early Bird shoppers leaving after 5 AM.
  • Overall, 53 percent of the Night Owls and 38 percent of the Early Birds said they “love it” when asked how they felt about Black Friday sales starting early on Thursday evening and extending through Sunday.
  • About 75 percent of Night Owls are shopping for electronics, compared to 60 percent of the Early Bird shoppers.
  • While both sets of shoppers are primarily interested in finding a great deal, 40 percent of the Night Owls said they enjoy the competition, vs. 24 percent of the Early Bird shoppers.

I am interested in how many of my readers are 
NIGHT OWL's and How many are EARLY BIRDS!
Please leave me a blog comment letting me know which one you are:
Night Owl
Early Bird
Not a Black Friday Shopper

I am a NIGHT OWL!  :)

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