Saturday, October 5, 2013

Farmer's Market

Why buy your veggies from a Local Farmer's Market

Did you know food in the U.S. travels an average of 1,500 miles to get to your plate? You are paying in quality for each mile store  fruits and veggies travel. Every mile means less vital nutrients.

Here are a few reasons to shop your local Farmer's Market or Veggie Stand:

1. Taste ~ You can not beat the taste of fresh produce from a farmers market. The produce is allowed to fully ripen and then it’s brought directly to you. Much of the produce you buy at a market has been picked that morning.

2. Naturally Grown  ~ Fruit from your local farmers market is grown by natural means. That is HUGE

3. Nourishment ~  The longer these fruits and veggies are in transit, the more nutrients they lose. Plus, a lot of food you find in grocery stores is processed using pesticides, hormones, antibiotics – often to make it look bright and shiny and tasty. You are really eating more chemicals that you are fruit & veggies! Did you know that veggies and fruits purchased from a local farmer has 100 times less chemicals than fruit and veggies found in the grocery store! 100 times LESS!

4. Support your local farmers ~ By supporting local farmers you are ensuring that they will be around for many years to provide the community with great fruits and veggies. 

5. COST ~ It is amazing how much cheaper local fruit and veggies are.  I always talk to the farmer and ask if I purchase a large amount can I get a deal. I have NEVER had a farmer tell me no.  I also buy fruit and veggies that are not perfect sized or shapes.  Many people do not want a product that is super ripe or just not looking good.  I always buy the seconds and freeze right away if ripe and cut off any imperfections. Saving me lots of $$$$.

I buy from local farmers and freeze the veggies and fruits to use all winter.  Corn picked when rip taste delicious in January!  Apple pie made with fresh frozen apples delightful!

Take advantage of your local Farmers Markets!  I just stocked up on local apples that I am dehydrating for healthy snacks.  Since it is early October and we still have not had a frost in Wisconsin....there are many tomatoes, cucumber,  green beans and squash still available.  All at GREAT PRICES!!!

Stock up and eat good this winter!

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