Monday, October 7, 2013

Glassie Monday - How is a Glass Bottle Made

Welcome to Glassie Monday.....Each Monday I will be discussing something interesting about glass.  

This week I thought I would explain how glass bottles are made.  This is a perfect video of the workings of a glass factory.
We are very very familiar with making glass in a glass factory. My hubby worked 20 years for Anchor Glass as a Machine Repairman/Fabricator.  He was instrumental in improving the designs of the machines in this video and also responsible to ensure that the machines worked at their maximum potential.   
We have amazing pieces of glass at our home. Swans made from a green beer bottle are my favorite. 
We also have a piece of the melted glass that flew through the air - going through my hubby's neck and riding right along my hubby's jugular vein. Emergency surgery by a team of specialist removed the glass at about 3am one morning.  VERY VERY SCARY since the glass was not annealed and was capable of shattering at any moment.  What happened that early morning shows just how dangerous working with molten glass can be.  A person on the the 2nd floor walkway of the factory was working with the molten glass. The person flicked his wrist with the tongs in his hand. Immediately the melted glass starting to fly in the air. As the melted glass was flying through the air it was cooling. At just that the glass started to fall hubby is walking below the glass .... the hot glass pierced the skin and rode down my hubby's jugular vein.  Immediately he was rushed to the hospital - a team of specialist were called in and the 7 hour surgery took place.  SCARY MEMORIES!  But of course my hubby says "Can I have the piece of glass!" the surgeon smiled and says...we saved it for you.  Just another day at the glass factory!

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