Thursday, October 24, 2013

Green Tip of the Week

Every Thursday I post a Green Tip of the Week. A natural way to care for your family. Cleaning products, beauty products, garden and yard care, and more.  Join me each Thursday to find one more way to remove chemicals from your life.

Vinegar has so many uses!

Natural fabric softener....add to your rinse cycle - about 1/4 cup per load

Mix Vinegar and water for a natural all purpose cleaner.  I use a recycled spray bottle.  Make sure to label the bottle.

Use Vinegar in your mop water!  Works great for cleaning and naturally disinfected your floors.

Vinegar makes a great natural toilet cleaner....sprinkle baking soda in your toilet...then pour in the vinegar. Poof foaming toilet cleaner.

Use vinegar on your hair for a natural hair conditioner.  Your hair will shine!


  1. We use vinegar all the time for cleaning. Works great!

  2. Slice up citrus and cover it with vinegar. Allow to steep in a warm place for several weeks, then strain. You can use this in your laundry or to clean with.

    1. Thanks for the tip ... I will be slicing up some lemons this weekend and making a batch.

  3. I need to use vinegar more! I didn't know all of these.

  4. I've never heard the vinegar in the hair one. Yep used it in the toilet, it was fun watching all the bubbles! LOL

  5. I guess great minds think alike. I was just thinking about publishing a post on how awesome vinegar is. LOL.