Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Boogie Mist to the rescue!!!!

This past week I have been hit with terrible sinuses. 

My sinuses  were not leaking out my nose they were leaking down my throat.  I lost my voice, terrible headache and I felt terrible. 

I went to the doctor and she stated the dry weather was taking a toll on my sinuses. My noise was so dry that when I would blow my nose I noticed blood in my Boogie Wipe.  

I have never used a Nasal Mist...but I will from now on!  The Boogie Wipe Gentle Saline Nasal Mist saved the day! Very easy to use ....till your head and then press the top of the can.  Soft mist of saline comes out and goes up your nose. It is not a powerful mist that startles is a very soft mist.

Almost immediately I had relief. The saline felt great in my dry sore sinuses. I have continued to use the nasal mist 3 times a day.  When I wake up - middle of day and evening.  I noticed a improvement in my throat within a few days.   My sinuses are still an issue but with the help of Boogie Wipe Gentle Nasal Mist and Boogie Wipes I am on a road to recovery.
I am a Saline Ambassador.  I receive samples and products to offer to day cares, hospitals, doctor's offices and people I come in contact with.  I was not given anything extra to write this post about my experience using the Boogie Mist.  
I bought my Boogie Mist at Toys R Us!

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