Monday, November 11, 2013

Glassie Monday

Hi...Thanks for joining me for Glassie Monday.   Each Monday I will be posting about Glass. Different kinds of topics all related to Glass.  

You guys know I have a list of What to Do and What Not to Do at art/craft fairs.  Each week I am adding to the list..until the end of the holiday fair season.  
Here are this weeks addition to the list:

  • Don't ask for another spot because you feel that you have a bad spot.  Seriously not good.  Every spot is good...if people want to purchase your product they will.
  • Don't whine..OMG it is so annoying.
  • Do keep the area by your spot free from clutter.
  • Do help your fellow vendors when they are unloading or loading. Holding the door open can be so helpful.
Now to talk about todays GLASS topic.  
Did you know that depending on it's composition, it can have a melting point of about 1400-1600 °C.

I also wanted to show you this piece of glass made by a lighting strike on sand.
Check it out here
Moldavite from Besednice, Bohemia, Czech Republic. The specimen weights 11g and is about 46 mm wide.
You ask...How does this happen? The energy and the rapid temperature change that results is enough to melt the sand and cool it into glass pieces. The duration of the lightning strike to the ground is also expected to play a important part in the size of the glass.

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