Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Today is Veteran's Day.
I want to tell all Veterans "Thank You" for my Freedom.
A huge "I Love You and Thank You" goes to 
my hubby.
Army 1971 - 1975
Today our grandchildren have a special program at their school for the family members of the students that are a veteran. 
Special Day for a Special Man


  1. Please tell your hubby Thank You! He is my hero!

  2. I love seeing that schools are acknowledging the importance of today! I remember going to school on Veterans Day and having it treated like just another day.

  3. I'm happy that schools are now acknowledging this day in a way that the kids will learn to respect service people. Freedom unfortunately is NOT free and the kids need to know this. They need to understand what "The Land of the FREE" really means!

  4. That's a cool thing for the school to do!