Monday, November 18, 2013

Glassie Monday ~~~~ What is a Kiln?

Hi...Thanks for joining me for Glassie Monday.   Each Monday I will be posting about Glass. Different kinds of topics all related to Glass.  This week I thought I would explain how I heat the glass.

Many people ask me how do I heat my glass.  I use Jen-Ken Kilns.  In my opinion they are the best kilns on the market.  Not only do their kilns work great....they have EXCELLENT customer service.  About 2 years ago one of my kilns got a short and the control panel
burnt up.  I contacted the company - the kiln was past it's warranty date.  I shipped them the old control was determined that it wasn't from misuse and they replaced the panel. That is a huge deal to find a company that will stand behind it's products to that degree.  

The kiln controls the heat to allow for you to make beautiful glass. By ramping up and down at certain temps and times it allows you to control how you form your glass. Many of the kilns come with pre-programed times and temps to make fused, tac, slumped glass. They also have 4 - 8 program settings that you can design your own temps and times.  The program settings are great when you are creating unique pieces and working with different glass. 

Many people ask me...what is the difference between a glass kiln and a ceramic kiln.  It is the heating coils.  Glass kilns  heat a single layer from the top and ceramic kilns heat multiple layers from the side.     
With the heat being radiated from the top this keeps the temperature for making a glass project uniform and prevents cracking. 

As a glass artist a KILN is a must have.  You can not make the items I make without a kiln. If you are interested in trying out glass making...I recommend you take a few classes to give it a try.  If you like it..invest wisely. It is expensive for start up and you want to make sure you purchase the right equipment for your needs. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing I never even knew this existed I always thought to heat glass you would have to stick it in a fire or something lol.