Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Barking Wednesday ~ Control Your Dog Dander

Thanks for joining me for Barking Wednesday. Each week I will be posting info about my favorite guy ~ Kingers and his friends. All kinds of stuff ~ products ~ homemade treat recipes ~ info I have learned over the years. Info I think is helpful in making sure that every dog lives a fantastic life.

 During the winter months pet dander can be a issue. Kingers is a Black Lab with lots of dander. To help reduce the dander in my home I have found a few things that work.

Here are my ways to reduce King's dander during the winter months:

1 - Wash your pet regularly - use natural shampoo.  I take Kingers to the Pet Baths at our local car wash.  The wash area is clean and warm. Then my hubby pulls up and King jumps into a warm Jeep and then into a warm house. 
2 - If you have carpet invest in a good vacuum. Vacuuming regularly (daily) will help reduce dander. I have a Dyson and it works great.
3 - Make sure your home is high in humidity.  Humidity keeps down dander. I like to bowl a pan of water on the stove.  I know it sounds old school - but it works! Humidity in your home also will help
4 - Air purifiers are also good to reduce pet dander. I do not use a purifier but I have family members that do.

Personally I think regular baths with natural shampoo has helped the most with Kingers to reduce his dander.  It is also makes him smell good and his fur has a marvelous shine.

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