Monday, December 9, 2013

Tips on how to set up a booth space....

One of the hardest things about being at a Art or Craft Fair is 
HOW DO YOU DISPLAY YOUR ITEMS!!!  I have learned over the years that your space needs to be a reflection of you and your art.  Design your booth to fit your personality. 
Here are a few tips that I have learned over the years about setting up a craft booth.Since I am a recycled artist I only use recycled items as displays for my glass.  Here is my table at yesterday's event.
At this event I had one 8 foot table. I have learned over the years to make your table a easy flow for eyes to follow.  People prefer when items are together.

I use plain boxes to change the level of my jewelry.  Each of the bottles I use for display ~ the same type of bottle has been used to make the jewelry. I like to place the windchime stand on top of the table.  It is a eye grabber from across the room. I It is amazing how many more people are interested in the wind chimes when they are on the table vrs being on the floor. Using the bottles as holders for the jewelry turned out to really work nicely.  Works much better than using a premade form.
When you are deciding on what items to use for your display ~ make sure that you have many options on how to set up using the same items. Every event has different traffic flows...different many variables affect your display.
1. Make it YOU!
2. Be unique!
3. Simple is better!
4. You need a eye catcher!
5. Be willing to change from event to event!

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