Sunday, December 8, 2013

My Friends.......................

During the holidays season I often think about my blessings. Today I wanted to Thank my Friends......
I have been blogging for over three years and each year my friends list grows and grows.  I have been catching myself saying my friend in Kansas or my friend in Montana....I have a friend that lives in Louisiana or my friend in Oklahoma and Texas said! My friend on the east coast said the storm is bad. 
Yesterday at work one girl asked me if my hubby was in the service. I said yes why?  She said "You have friends that live all over even one in England".  I laughed and said "No...they are my blogging friends".  She looked at me and said "They are not real
friends".  I said.."Oh yes they are!" "I have been blogging with these ladies for a long time."  "I know their kids names, where they work, what their hubbys do for a living, when their kids are sick...when they are getting ready for family to visit."  "They are real!"  She looked at me like I was crazy! 
I started to think....I interact (with my fingers) to my friends on-line more than I talk to my friends in person. 
The one big different between being on-line and off-line how I support them. 
Off-line friends I listen and the main difference is I can run to their house to help. 
On-line friends I read, type comforting words and offer helpful suggestions.
Not much different in my mind. Just a new way to be friends!
I feel very blessed to have been given the opportunity to interact with so many great ladies.  I am not saying everyone on-line is honest and trustworthy.  I am realistic...I know that there are many scammers and not so nice people on-line. But I also know that there are many ladies just like me..that enjoy chatting on-line and have also made friends. Honest hardworking people that also enjoy blogging and making a difference.
Thank You Ladies for being my Friend!!!


  1. Thanks for being my friend! As my granddaughter says....Your one of my bestest friends!

  2. I love it! I consider all my Blogging friends my "real" friends as well. It is so nice to turn on the computer and send out a message and know that someone is there. I get really lonely for adult conversation since my husband works out of state and I'm at SAHM. Thanks for all your help the past year, it has been nice getting to know you!