Monday, January 27, 2014

I'm venting .......

Yesterday I was having a "I Am Amazed at Some People on Facebook Day".   It was one of those days!  Have you ever noticed the comments people write on Facebook.  They respond to serious issues with a attitude that they are superior and the person that made the comment is a dimwit. People respond to positive comments with a negative comment.

I  read a post on Facebook where a child is missing  ~ someone writes "That is what you get for letting your child walk to the store."  SERIOUSLY! Do people really feel that way? 

A person posted about her trip to Florida with her family. Someone writes "Must be nice to live off the government and you get to go to Florida."  The person that posted the comment is a school teacher. When did being a school teacher mean that you are living off the government.

How about this comment ~ A lady comment that her dog died. It was run over by a car.  A person comments "DOG KILLER ~ You are the reason the dog is dead! If you were a caring owner your dog would be alive." As a dog owner I know I try very hard to keep my dog out of the road but accidents do happen.

I totally get it that Facebook is a place where people can voice their opinions with no immediate threat to their lives. Saying these things to someone's face just might cause them harm. Why do people feel that on Facebook they are free to say whatever mean and nasty thing that pops into their heads.

That is what is so scarey to me...when I read about a dead dog...I do not think the the dog owner is a killer. When I read about a missing child - my main concern is to find the child not blame the parents. When someone goes on vacation I do not think that by some odd way my tax dollars are funding their trip.

Are we turning into a society that when we read a comment on Facebook we feel  it is correct to belittle, condemn, and hurt feelings.  Is that not the definition of a BULLY? A CYBER BULLY? 

Next time you are reading Facebook comments make a mental note to yourself every comment that you do not think the person would say to someone's face in person.  You will be amazed at how high your number will climb.

I guess one way for me to "Make a Difference" is to make sure that everything I type on Facebook I would also say in person.  I think I can also "Make a Difference" by totally ignoring any Bully Comments on my post.  By ignoring a BULLY the BULLY gets ZERO satisfaction!

That is my plan of attack against Facebook Bullies!

Yes ~ I know I am not being forced to be on Facebook.  Being on Facebook is my own decision.
Yes ~ I know if I don't like the comment then get off Facebook. 
Yes ~ I know that is their right to post whatever they want on Facebook ~ Who am I to judge them.

I totally get it..but it is NOT right to be so mean!
You know I feel better posting this!  Hopefully some will join me in the journey to make Facebook a nicer place to be.

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