Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ How to trim your dogs nails.

Thanks for joining me for my Barking Wednesday post.  

Each week I post stuff about my favorite guy...Kingers and his friends.  

All kinds of stuff....products - homemade treat recipes - info I have learned over the years, etc.  Info I think is helpful in making sure that every dog lives a fantastic life.

This week I wanted to talk about clipping your dog's nails.  Many of my friends hate to clip their pets nails. It is not hard and with the help of this very good video it will make the job much easier.

Kingers hates his nails clipped. When he sees me getting the clippers he is out of here.  I think it is the fact that he really does not like his paws touched. Oh well...he knows when the clippers come out. He gets to sit on the floor with me and we clip away. But he also knows that there will be treats with this ordeal. Check out other great Barking Wednesday post. Click on the Barking Wednesday link on the right sidebar of this blog.

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