Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Disney Dreamin' Giveaway Blogger Sign Up

Blogger sign up
Disney giveaway
Hosted by

EspacularaiesaDeda Studios,


Pixie Vacations


 Disney Dreamin’ Giveaway

March 6 to March 19
1st Prize

$50 Disney Gift Card plus Monogrammed Travel Tote

2nd Prize

$50 Disney Store Gift Card

(Depending on paid signups there may be a 3rd prize and I will give a referral prize of  at least $10 Paypal)
 To Sign Up:
Signups end March 4th at 8pm central. HTML for the giveaway will be available by 8am March 5th or before.
Limit 2 blogs per person -You agree to promote this giveaway at least 3-4 times a week (Remember: the more the giveaway is promoted, the more you get views on your blog plus more fans)!
Free Option – 1 Free link (FB, Twitter, Pinterest) with Announcement post. HTML HERE!
Paid Options - No Announcement Post Fee: 1 link- $3 / additional links are available at $1 per link.
All payments should be sent Paypal as a gift/family/friend to debdenny@centurytel,net
Posts should be live within 24 hours of the start date. Any blog that hasn’t posted and submitted their links will be removed from the giveaway without a refund.

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