Sunday, February 16, 2014

I posted videos!

I made some videos!  They are not the best in the world but I did take the video plunge! On Saturday the kids and I went to Jump America.  A fantastic trampoline park in Gurnee, IL.
Pics were so hard to take because the kids were always moving - so I decided to try taking videos.  

When I was writing my review I thought what the heck I will post my videos.  I downloaded them to my You Too Account  and then shared them on my post!

Head over to my other blog DeDa Studios to check out our fun evening and watch my videos!  I have lots to learn about talking good video pics - but I am super proud of myself for at least getting the three videos on my post!

Here is the link to Our Evening at Jump America!

Here they are! My three Videos!

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  1. I have a rebounder trampoline. I have been unable to use it do to a hip injury. I would like to start back into a routine, but I am unable to find a program showing how much time or days to be a benefit. Or I guess you could call it…. How long everyday or how many times a day for what amount of time will be a benefit