Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Be Prepared for Vet Visits

Thanks for joining me for my Barking Wednesday post. Each week I like to discuss a topic interesting to dog owners.  I enjoy sharing what I have l learned and info I have found to be helpful in raising Kingers.

It is time for Kingers annual visit to his vet.  Since Kingers does not speak English - I am his voice. It is key that I let his vet know what has been happening since his last visit. I always write things down so I do not forget. Here is my simple but very effective checklist for each visit.  I usually print my list and keep on the fridge when I make his appointment.  That way my hubby and I can keep checking it and make sure if we think of something else we can add to our list. On my way out the door for Kingers appointment I grab my list and items on the list.

Here are a few of the things I want to discuss with Kingers vet:

1. VACCINATIONS - Vaccinations are any due?  My vet office always ask me when I arrive if I would like vaccinations. I like to know what my records say are due. That way if there are any issues with my list and their list - I can ask the WHY question.
2. TEST - I know he will need his Heart Worm Test - I need to contact our local pharmacy and see if they are filling his type of preventive medicine. I do know that Walmart is now offering Heart Worm treatment for drugs. I want to price check before my vet visit. If Walmart is cheaper than my vet - then I will ask for a prescription for Kingers Heartworm prevention medication.
3. BEHAVIOR - I want to make sure to tell the vet about any new behaviors Kingers has. I want to let the vet know that he is still moaning quite a bit - this behavior started when he began his seizure medication. Plus, if Kingers has any other new behaviors I want to make sure to mention that to the vet.
4. NUTRITION - Kingers is overweight - I currently have reduced the amount of food to 4 cups per day. If his weight is not dropping I need to know the vet's recommendations for his diet.
5. PREVENTION - I want to make sure to ask for refills for his seizure medication. Also, I want to discuss how much exercise Kingers should be getting each day. What type of exercise does the vet feel would benefit Kingers the most. Since Kingers is 11 and has arthritis and seizure issues I want to make sure to stay within his abilities concerning exercise. I am also interested if there are any type of games that will promote brain activity for Kingers - kind of like Mind Games for humans. I really want Kingers to stay alert as long as possible.

My List for Kingers Visit:
  • Seizure Medication
    • Write down info from Kingers prescription bottle for seizure medication
    • Seizure activity - If YES  Date/Length of Seizure/Length of Recovery
    • Need refill - Medicine or Prescription depending on my price check
  • Stool sample
  • My previous annual visit vaccination record
  • My checklist of issues: 
    • Behavior changes?
      • Moaning still
    • Appetite changes?
      • Reduced food to 4 cups daily - if weight is not less - what next?
      • Very thirsty - I know that is a side effect to seizure medication
      • Snack when comes in from outside
      • Small amount of people food
    • Temperament changes?
      • No changes
    • Exercise routine
      • Ball catch morning and night
      • ??? Can he do more and if so WHAT does Vet recommend
      • Dog Mind Games?
It is easy to make your list ~ always think about the Important 5
  2. TEST
Make your Vet visit the best it can be - by asking questions you ensure that your dog is receiving the best care.  Remember - if your dog does not speak English! You are his spokesperson!  Speak up for him/her!  Yell if you have to!


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