Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Limping Dog

Thanks for joining me for my Barking Wednesday post.  
Each week I post stuff about my favorite guy...Kingers and his friends.  
All kinds of stuff....products - homemade treat recipes - info I have learned over the years, etc.  Info I think is helpful in making sure that every dog lives a fantastic life. 

This week I want to talk about when to call the vet if your dog is limping or shows any signs of having joint of bone issue.  As you know Dozer is dying from Bone Cancer. Bone Cancer started in his left hind leg - in the joint.

Here is what happened in our life:
Dozer started to limp. Being a terrible winter with snow & ice covered ground the whole family thought he has slipped on the ice and he would be better. He ran on his leg and did everything he normally did. But once in a while he would start the limping again. We again though it is so icy outside he must of slipped again.
Then one day he started holding his leg up. Dawn though he must of really slipped today.  But he keep holding it up - after a week of holding it up she called the vet and took him in.

The vet did a x-ray of Dozers hind leg and his lungs - he has Canine Osteosarcoma.  The vet prescribed pain medication and told Dawn to take him home and spoil him. The vet explained that Dawn will know when it is time to end Dozer's life. 

Dawn was devastated. When she called me she could hardly talk. Our whole family was in shock. Not Dozer - he is the healthy dog in the family.  Harley has end stage seizures and Kinger is 11 with bad joints and he started having seizures in December. This can not be right! Not Dozer! He is only 5 years old turning 6 this Spring! He has years of a fun life ahead of him. He is the goof ball - the dog that runs and runs! Not Dozer!

We all started to research the internet on what can be done for Bone Cancer.  Sad to say there is nothing we can do.   :(   Taking him to the vet the minute he started to limp would not have changed the outcome. Once the dog is limping the cancer has already taken hold and the dog's life will end soon.

Here are a few good articles on Canine Osteosarcoma:

Top Ten Facts to Know About Canine Osteosarcoma

- National Canine Cancer Foundation

In reading everything I can find about Canine Bone Cancer - there is no way to prevent. By the time you notice the limp it is usually too late. The only thing I can do is make Bone Cancer Awareness a main focus for me.  Tell everyone I know that this can happen and when it does it is terrible. While researching  - I did find a The National Canine Cancer Foundation. A foundation dedicated to finding a cure and helping prevent other dogs from being diagnosed just like Dozer.

They have really nice buttons for blogs for awareness.  If you can please share a button on your helping awareness we can make a difference.  Here is the link to the buttons:

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