Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Barking Wednesday - Dog Eye Care

Every Wednesday I post Barking Wednesday. Post dedicated to making a dogs life better.  Kingers is our Black Lab. I have always been a dog owner. Over the years I have learned some good ways to make sure that Kingers is as healthy and happy as possible. I also scan the internet and speak to my vet about all kinds of topics. This is my page to share dog information with the world! 

Do you check your dog's eyes? If not - you should!

About once a month I give Kingers a good eye ball check up.

I look for any changes in his eyes.  His eyes should be clear & bright. The area around his eyeball should be white. Look for any discharge or tearing - also check for crusty corners.
Then take your thumb and lower their eye lid. You want pink -- no red or white.  I also look for stained fur around the eyes, cloudiness in the eyes or unequal pupil sizes. If you notice any isses, during business hours contact your vet and let them know what you found.

If you see none of the above your dog should be good till your next vet  appointment.  The important thing is to check monthly. That way if a issue arises you catch it quickly.

I have never had a long haired breed of dog - if you do have a long haired dog. Contact your vet to ask what type of eye care he/she recommends for eye care. Also, during your vet visit I recommend that you ask your vet if your breed is prone to eye issues. If so ask your vet if there are any ways that you can help prevent eye issues.  Prevent is the key to a healthy pup!

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