Monday, May 5, 2014

A trip to Home Depot

On Saturday we headed to Home Depot for the monthly Kid's Activity.  While there I wanted to check out the flowers and pick up a few new perennials for my flower beds. I planned on moving plants around giving the yard a new look.

When we arrived at the Garden Center at Home Depot I was amazed at the beautiful flowers they had. Not to mention the fantastic prices!  They were having some fantastic sales!  6" pot perennials were 3 for $10   Hanging Wave Petunia Pots were $7.99 and they had a clearance section with 6" perennials $1.98 each!

So I filled up my cart!
2 Hanging Plants
3 Perennials for $10.00
6 of the $1.98 Perennials

When I went to check out the lady rang up my items and instead of me handing her my card...Dawn pushed in and gave her cash...then said "Happy Mother's Day"!  Davey & Isa said "Happy Mother's Day Nana"!

WOW ~  I LOVED it!  What a fun way to say Happy Mother's Day!  

Here are my pics of my planted items!


  1. These will be awesome in your flowerbed and Dawn is a pretty good kid. You should keep her.

  2. We love the kid's activities at Home Depot! Sounds like a great visit to the store!

  3. Love wave petunias! I always make the trip for flowers right around Motherʻs Day, but this year it still too cold here to make that happen. Waiting for June flowers this year I guess...