Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Things a Dog Will Eat

Welcome to Barking Wednesday.....Each Wednesday I post a article about dogs!

I found a very interesting list online.  These are the top 10 things that dogs eat at home that they should not eat!

Check it out....are any of these at your house - if so make sure they are out of your pets reach.
  1. Infant Pacifiers ~ particularly attractive if it’s been dipped in something tasty
  2. Stones ~ Our friends dog loved to play with stones! This is so dangerous since the stones can get logged in a dogs windpipe.
  3. Bones ~ especially any type of bone that will shatter (chicken bones are a must not have) - King loves to chew on antlers - they must be good for his teeth - the vet told me that King's teeth are excellent for being 11 years old 
  4. Contents of a child’s toy box ~ all those colored little bits and pieces of lego, farm animals etc are very inviting to a dog - we once had a dog Bo that chewed the heads off of all of Dawn's Barbie dolls!
  5. Balls ~ make sure your dog only has access to those that are too big to swallow - (this is so important - dogs die playing with the small bouncing balls -the ball will get stuck in their windpipe)
  6. Corn on the cob cores ~ this is something I had never even thought woudl be a problem
  7. Rubber objects ~ rubber bands and erasers - balloons are deadly
  8. Fabric and Clothing ~ When King was a puppy he was drag our clothing around the house. If we left him for a while we would come home and fine a piece of my clothing and my hubby's clothing in the living room and he would be laying on it. He never chewed the clothing but I know dogs that have chewed up some very nice sweaters.
  9. Linear objects ~ tape found in cassettes, cotton, wool have all been removed from dogs
  10. Plastic bags ~ meat wrappers are really tempting to dogs


  1. Some of those I would of never thought of either. With our dog we have to watch a ton of stuff. The only thing that she can not destroy with in seconds are those tires with ropes at the end. She loves those! Other toys are gone with in seconds.

  2. Those are some things I would have never thought a dog would chew on! Thanks for the great tips!

  3. Some of those I never considered a pup wanting to eat

  4. Dog will chew so many different things. Thanks for the post.

  5. Great ideas! I know we have to watch our dog because he will pick up bricks and chew on them(he's a german shepherd).

  6. We are fortunate that our dog doesn't eat these sorts of things - he does however, love to dig in the garbage and eat pretty much anything that he finds in there :/