Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Barking Wednesday - Time for Heartworm Testing & Annual Checkup

Every Wednesday I post Barking Wednesday. Post dedicated to making a dogs life better.  Kingers is our Black Lab. I have always been a dog owner. Over the years I have learned some good ways to make sure that Kingers is as healthy and happy as possible. I also scan the internet and speak to my vet about all kinds of topics. This is my page to share dog information with the world!

I sure was nervous this past week. As many of you know Dozer died this past month from Bone Cancer. How Dawn found out was she took Dozer to the vet to find out why he was limping on his leg. One month later he passed.

Thursday, King had his yearly Vet checkup.  Usually I am fine with him seeing the vet - but after Dozer I was a nervous wreck. Afraid that I too would be given some terrible news about Kingers.

Thank goodness that was not the case. 

I did have a long list of concerns to discuss with the vet.
#1 - Since King has started on seizure meds he has:
  • Started panting much more - so much that often I say to him "Calm down - you are going to have a heart attack!"
  • He has gained weight even with me reducing his food intake.
#2 - His eyes are getting cloudy.

I was glad to find out that King's heart is fine and that he is free from Heartworms. His blood results are all good and that his panting and weight gain are related to his medicine.  Exercise will help with these issues - so Kinger's is going to begin his exercise program. It was a very COLD long winter in Wisconsin - so everyone at my house has gained a few plans. We are all on exercise programs and we are all eating healthier.

I am very thankful that I have a excellent vet - Dr. Harris and his team have been our vet for I think over 30 years. We started with Dr Harris when he first graduated and have stayed with him.  His compassion and dedication shows in his team.  They are a great group of animal lovers!

So now to figure out King and my walking route. I know this weekend it is yard work. Him following me from front yard to back yard will be more exercise than he has had all winter.

IMPORTANT: If you have not already taken your dog in for his yearly heartworm test - make sure you do. Heartworm is a killing disease. A killing disease that is preventable with medication.  Check out his pic of a dogs heart that has heartworms. ICKY!!!! 
Click HERE to find out more information about Heartworms in Dogs!

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