Thursday, May 1, 2014

Green Tip of the Week ~ Guest post - Tick Repellant Spray

For today's Green Tip I have a guest post from 
My Journey With Candida on how to make your own Tick Repellant Spray.  

Terry started her blog  My Journey With Candida when she discovered that she had candida and she found out how hard it is to cure candida. Most Doctors don't believe in candida so she was pretty much on my own, No... she was on her own.  Her blog was a way for her to keep myself from falling apart. When she started getting emails from her readers asking her what she was doing to get well,no one was more surprised than she was.  She has pretty much healed herself and continues to eat as clean and green as she possibly can.  She will never want to go back to the days when she was sick 24-7.  

Guest Post by Terry .....................
I am scared to death of getting Lyme Disease.  I work outside in the garden and around the house a lot, so I am right out there with all the ticks and other bugs that like to bite.

Ticks can cause Lyme Disease and right now, that is one thing I don't need.  Lyme Disease can be deadly.

Thank goodness, so far my efforts in fighting off and repelling ticks has worked.   What do I do?
First, I make a lavender, tea tree oil spray that seems to work well in keeping ticks off me.   I have been using it for years so I am pretty sure it works,  for me anyway.

For the Tick Repellant Spray recipe, CLICK HERE

Once I am finished working outside, I try to take a bath right away ... just in case I did happen to get a tick on me.
I draw a bath full of hot water and add some fresh lavender to it.
I also add tea tree oil to my shampoo, conditioner and body wash.   When I have been outside working, I make sure I soak in a tub of hot water with the lavender.  
I then wash my hair with the shampoo that has the tea tree oil in it and leave the shampoo soak in my hair for 10 minutes or so.
Then I use the conditioner that I put the tea tree oil in.  I just leave it on until I am finished with my bath.
I wash in the body wash with tea tree oil and... hopefully the ticks don't like my smell.

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