Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Traveling with Your Dog

Summer is here and it is time for ROAD TRIPS!! 
Here are a few safe traveling tips for you and your dog:

  • Always make sure you have a good collar with identification on your dog!! Name and phone number - number you can be reached while traveling - I have our cell phone on Kingers collar
  • Carry a expandable bowl and a container of water for him. He gets water at each stop. 
  • I do not crate him in the car - some people think to crate only way to travel - I do not.I do have him stay in the back seat with a barrier so that he does not go into the front
  • Make sure you have a good leash in your car...I keep a retractable leash in the Jeep all the time. Never know when I will need it.
  • Wherever you are headed call ahead to see what info you will need to bring a pet. Some campgrounds require vaccinations records - some locations require your vet to sign a copy of the vaccination record. I always call to be sure I have all needed paperwork.
  • I  limit Kingers food intake before we leave for a trip. I feed him one half of his normal food before the trip.While traveling I keep King on a light diet - bringing his dog food from home. I know that switching his diet during travels is not good.
NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your pet in the car!!  The car can heat up super fast! While traveling with Kingers we eat at waysides - giving us all a needed break.  When I read horrid stories of dogs dying in a hot car - I just cringe. 

Don't forget list for you dog:
Any medication
Needed paperwork from vet

Almost forgot  .....   the most important thing to have while traveling with your pet is PATIENCE!

Have a fun trip and be safe!

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  1. Very good tips. Things all pet owners need to remember.