Monday, June 16, 2014

My Spare Bedroom Journey - Drapes & Rods

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that  I have received no product or compensation to promote these products - I wanted to share with my readers great ways to decorate and stay within a budget.  Thanks for visiting.

 When I started looking for drapes for the room - I knew what I wanted.  I wanted long insulated drapes with pretty rods. I wanted drapes with the rings in the material so that the drape would slide nicely on the rods. 

I looked and looked for drapes - the cost was astronomical! $25 to $70 a panel.  That was not what I was looking to spend. My goal was total $50 or less per window - I wanted rods, drapes, and blind all for $50 or less. I know crazy goal but I wanted to show that I could redecorate on a budget.

I did not want to sacrifice thermal drapes..we live in Wisconsin and last winter I think our average temp was -20 degrees. It was so cold! To be able to close window drapes and keep some cold out is a must! 

I did not want to sacrifice the rings to make the drapes open and close so easy. I really dislike curtains when the rod goes through the open seam.

During one of my trips to Big Lots I found these really nice thermal drapes in the perfect color (they are black - gray - tad bit of blue & green tones).  They were only $14.00 a pair - I needed two pair - total cost $28.00. The big issue was that they did not have the rings in the material the rod would have to go through the seam.  I decided to buy the curtains anyway...thinking they are such a deal - I love the color and the texture of the drape. I felt I could not pass them up considering the price.I also found very pretty dark colored rods for the room for only $9.00 each at Big Lots - 2 rods - $18.00. 

When I got home I was excited I found drapes & rods at great prices but still not happy
with the rods in the seam. I opened up a magazine while grilling outside and there was my
solution to my problem with my drapes.  Walmart sells rings for curtains - they had a two page ad showing different decorating items available at Walmart. They clip right on turning the seamed drapes into ring drapes. My next trip to town I am headed to Walmart to purchase the rings.  The rings cost $6.97 per panel. I needed 4 sets of rings - total cost $28.00

While shopping for rings I checked out the blinds. They carried the standard size - 35x64 - cost $3.97. I was going to get metal blinds but for $3.97 I figured why not! So I purchased the two new blinds.

Super excited that I was able to get the look I wanted for only $41.00 a window! I think they look fantastic for that price - no one would ever know how inexpensive they are!

Total cost of complete window treatments  $82.00 - Not bad!!
Furniture $142.00
Window Treatments $82.00


  1. The windows look great and I love that it can be done on a budget!

  2. Blinds and drapes can be sooo expensive! You did a great job and I will for sure be keeping these ideas in my head for later on!

  3. I do like your thermal drapes. Great deal on the blinds.

  4. Love the drapes and rods! I know we love thermal drapes in our living room over the large windows.

  5. Poorly hung and too short. They look every bit of what you paid. Better to save and do draperies correctly