Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Spare Room - Final Journey

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that  I have received no product or compensation to promote these products - I wanted to share with my readers great ways to decorate and stay within a budget.  Thanks for visiting.

To wrap up the redo of my spare bedroom I wanted to let everyone know how to make a terrarium and share quality paint info. Plus, some odds and ends info about my room. 

How to Make a Terrarium
You will need:
Potting Soil - $2.99 Menards
Rocks - $2.49 on sale at Menards  & $4.99 at Walmart
Spanish or Green Moss - $2.99 Menards
Plants - have a odd number ( 3 - 5 - 7 ) - $2.49 each at Walmart - I bought 5 plants
Glass container

I purchase my potting soil, moss, and rocks from Menards. My plants come from Walmart. The containers I had in the basement.  Walmart carries container I think are about $10 each. If you like thrift stores, flea markets and rummage sales....they are great places to find interesting containers. All of my containers that I had in the basement came from rummage sales or flea markets.

In the bottom of your container put about one inch of  rocks - then add about 1 inch of moss.  On top of the moss add about 2 - 3 inches of potting soil.  Now add you plants...arrange your plants however you want - remember to us a odd number of plants. In the large round container - I add a butterfly on the outside (Menards $2.99) and in the jar I added a bench inside by the plants - I purchased the bench at Menards for $2.99.  They are many many many items you can add to your terrarium - you can buy them or take items from your home. Whatever you want to do is is your garden.  Then I water the terrarium.- water each plant making sure that there is enough water for the roots. the excess water will go down to the rocks.

You can put a top on your terrarium or not - your choice. None of mine have tops - they are all open terrariums.   When a terrarium is closed top it will act like a rainforest - very neat!

I spent $26.00  to make 3 terrariums.  I split the plants up making one plant work for multiple terrariums. Two  terrariums for the bedroom one for the kitchen. Total cost for bedroom terrariums is $18.00

Now to discuss the lamp I purchased from Walmart. I got the lamp on sale for only $15.00
the shade was another $5.00.  Isa and I tried put every shade Walmart had on this lamp trying to find the right shade. We both agreed that this shade looked the for a bedside lamp. The details in the lamp are really pretty....they make it a attractive piece.

Another new item is the alarm clock - battery operated only $2.88 at Walmart.

Also, I wanted to mention the paint I used for the bedroom.  The bedroom is 13 x 15. I used two gallons of Pittsburg Grand Distinction Eggshell that I bought from Menards. The paint was on sale $32.00 a gallon - paint cost $64.00. The paint was fantastic!!! We painted two coats to cover the green shade that was on the walls. I picked a gray white color...very nice.   I explained to the paint salesperson that my walls were old and in need of repair. He told me the Eggshell finish is great at hiding flaws. He was so right -t he walls look the best they have ever looked
I also had my husband replace three electrical outlets and one light switch - total cost $10.00 from Menards.

Last but not least is my rug for the room.  I got the rug used from my mom.  She purchased a new rug for under her kitchen table. She game me her old rug. By getting the rug free that saved me about $300 - Thanks Mom!

This decorating total was $115.00

Total cost of redoing my spare room...........$566.00
Not Bad!!
Make sure to check the previous post to find out some great ways to decorate on a budget.


  1. Great series to help redo rooms!! I love the finished project!

  2. That is cool! Love the room. Now I wish I had something I could redecorate!

  3. I love the new room! Do you want to come decorate our new house for us! We will be broke so will need budget saving yet pretty decorating lol