Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Spare Bedroom - Decorating

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that  I have received no product or compensation to promote these products - I wanted to share with my readers great ways to decorate and stay within a budget.  Thanks for visiting.

This post is all about what I used to decorate the spare room. I wanted to add my grandchildrens school art into the room. What I did was purchase $4.00 frames from Walmart then placed their school art inside each frames. Since their art work was larger than the frames I picked a section of the art work and made that the focus
area. I did not cut their pics I folded them in back of the part that would show in the frame.  Five frames - $4.00 each - $20.00 for the artwork.   While at Big Lots I found the perfect additional to their artwork - a frames saying.....Create .. Imagine.. Challenge! Only $6.00
While shopping I knew I wanted a mirror for the room - I was just not sure what style and color.  Another Big Lots find! The mirror was only $25.00 - I could of bought a brown
tone with bronze accent or this black mirror. Since gray and black are my colors...I picked the black mirror. I really like how it contrast with the dresser.  In my next post I will give complete instruction on how to make the terrariums on the dresser and on the sewing cabinet. They are super easy to make and look nice.  If you noticed the green birds on the dresser -t hey are made out of melted beer bottles. Years ago while working at Anchor Hocking Glass my hubby took hot beer bottles and  designed these two swans.  They are so unique!  I love bonsai tree - I found this neat tree at Walmart $10.97 - I could not believe it when I found it. They are usually so expensive.
While at Menards to pick up some items to remove the paint on the floor I found a great deal on plants and pots.  Check out my pot I got for $7.99 and it is ceramic and glazed. I bought two houseplants for $5.99 each. While checking out items in the basement to make my terrariums I found the gray pot on the sewing cabinet. I split the tall plant into two plants and planted one in big pot with the other plant and the other in the gray pot. I used leftover dirt and rocks from making the terrariums.  Total cost of plants...$20.00 - add in the $12.99 stand to place the larger pot on the floor - that makes the total cost $32.99
Cost for these decorating items is $95.00
So far .....
Furniture $142.00
Drapes  $82.00
Bedding  $132.00
Decorating $95.00
More decorating ideas to come tomorrow - tomorrow I will give complete instructions on how to make a terrarium


  1. The Spare room is looking great I love it! Great job!

  2. Fantastic idea. I love what you did with those pictures.