Thursday, July 3, 2014

Shop the Wall! Stay out of the Middle!!!!

A few days ago I was reading a blog and they were talking about Being Healthy. Once way they recommend was to stay out of the middle at the grocery store.

When I read that I thought...Oh My Gosh...that is so true!  When I visit my favorite grocery store...if I stay along  the walls of the grocery is what i purchase:
fruit and veggies
organic items (coffee - snacks) 
fresh meats 
fresh bakery 
milk and cheese products 

then houseplants  & cards 
finally the checkout! 

Staying out of the middle stopped me from buying any non organic snacks - boxed items  and all processed food.

So now my goal is to keep my butt out of the middle!  Sounds silly but give it a try!  It works!

When I was talking to my health coach for my insurance through my company - I told her about Staying out of the Middle!  She too..thought about it for a few minutes and then stated...I am using that is so true!

Give it a try....picture your favorite market in your mind. Walk yourself around the outside walls...what will you be buying if you stay along the walls of your favorite grocery store?  Let me know!!.

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