Saturday, July 5, 2014

Stream of Consciousness - July 5th

I was just reading Jamie's blog post for today and she has started a 

Stream of Consciousness Saturday (or Sunday) – week 1 #SOCSaturday

This is such a fun unique approach to a linky.  I had to join in.  What you do is write for 5 minutes - no more than 7 minutes...whatever is on your mind.  You can check out the linky and  the details on Love, Jamie.

Here goes...

Gosh it is already Saturday..looks cloudy outside but I checked and no rain till around 5pm. Good no rain because I am taking Isa and Davey to the Milwaukee Zoo today. I was able to pick up tickets at the Silent Auction at their schools Pancake Breakfast in March.  Each summer we take a trip to the Milwaukee Zoo.  Great fun and perfect exercise for this Nana.  I know I need to stop at the ATM for cash..the zoo only takes cash for camel rides. I promised Davey that he could ride a camel this year. So cash it is!  After the zoo we need to stop at Menards to pick up the items on my list.  Then home for grilled brat patties, Tastefully Simple Orange Dreamsicle Salad and watermelon.   I sure in the heck hope there is a good movie on the Family channel tonight.  That has kind of turned into our thing to do after a fun day.  We shower then relax watching a movie on the Family channel. We like it better than picking up a movie..this was it is always a surprize for us!  I guess the unexpected is what we like. 

Tomorrow Jason is coming over to fix the spare bedroom door. While he is doing that I will be getting up the last of the paint on the hardwood floor. Then the room is officially finished!  YEAH!!! 

Plus, tomorrow is Flea Market Day - we have a huge Sunday Flea Market by us!  Sure hope it does not rain!

Yipes...I am at 5 minutes!  Time to post and add to Jamie's linky! 
Give it a try!!!  It is really fun! 
Click HERE for all the details!

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  1. Thanks so much for linking up!! (I hope you'll link up again soon.) :) I hope the zoo was fantastic today. We went to the NC Zoo a couple of weeks ago and had a blast!