Monday, September 29, 2014

The Haylofters ~ Local Theater Group

We have a fantastic local theater group in our area. They are called the Haylofters. A small local theater group that performs a few times a year. 

The Haylofters perform three shows a season also adding a children's show in the summer and a holiday event.  They are one of the oldest continually running local theater groups in Wisconsin.  

They perform at the Historical Malt Theater in Burlington Wisconsin The Malt Theater is a quaint theater with so much history located on the corner of Hwy. 142 & Hwy. 11 right on the beautiful Fox River. It was built in 1800's as the Jacob Muth Brewery and later Finke Uhen Malt House. The Malt House was purchased by the Haylofters after WWII for $850 in back taxes.  It is said that the Malt House is haunted  - there are even steps leading to a tunnel under the Fox River.  Read more about the haunted Malt House on the Burlington Wisconsin UFO & Paranormal Center's website.
On October 17th Isa & I along with a co-worker and her 2 nieces will be going to the Friday evening show to see Young Frankenstein presented by the Haylofters.  This show will be extra special since I know two of the actors. Both work at the hospital ~ one of the doctors is Igor and our night security guard is Ziggy. 

Young Frankenstein the musical by Mel Brooks is a perfect way to start our Halloween season. The show is goofy and offers great dry humor. Perfect for the two of us to enjoy.  I can hardly wait till the curtain rises!!!  A Girls Night Out!  The arts  ~ especially theater is something that I am positive she will enjoy and have great memories for years to come. 

I also purchased us two tickets for Scrooge the Musical.  Playing on December 12th at 7:30pm.  

If you like theater ~ give your local theater group a try. You will be amazed at the quality of the events.  Show are usually very reasonable priced. Tickets for the Haylofters cost only $15.00 a person!

Do you enjoy the theater? If so - Have you ever been to your local theater house?

Friday, September 26, 2014

An Average Joe's Pursuit for Financial Freedom by Michael Warren Munsey ~ Giveaway ends 10/19

An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom offers a different perspective on money than what is traditionally taught by our parents and in our school systems. The reason there is such a discrepancy between the wealthy and the poor is due to the difference in the way money is perceived. We are not born with the ability to maintain wealth: it is something that is learned. The knowledge of knowing how to make money work to generate passive income is something that anyone can learn as long as they are disciplined. An Average Joe’s Pursuit for Financial Freedom is based on practical concepts and discusses the problems that the majority of us face with our personal ļ¬nance. The concepts in this book are based on theory by an author that practices what he writes about.

Book Available from...

"If you are looking for financial freedom, this book is definitely for you!" 

-  review from The Frugal Mrs Jones

"Reading this book, will not only enlighten you, it will educate you as well."  

- review from Deneale's Book Buzz

"An encouraging and fast read that will change your thoughts on money management and how you will go about seeking financial freedom for yourself and family."  

- review from Living the Leviner Life

Thursday, September 25, 2014

September is the 25th Anniversary of National Recovery Month

National Recovery Month

September is the 25th anniversary of
National Recovery Month
 bringing awareness to the problem of drug and alcohol abuse.

Check out SAMHSA for helpful information

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Remember Me Thursday

Pet Candle Lighting Ceremony

Be a Part of the Awareness Movement

 Check out Animal
Animal-lovers and animal welfare organizations across the globe will unite on Thursday, September 25, 2014 (the fourth Thursday of September, annually) with a Remember Me Thursday™ pet candle-lighting ceremony. 
The candles, lit on the exact same day across the world, will honor the millions of pets who lost their lives without the benefit of a loving home and shine a light on the millions of healthy pets who are still awaiting adoption. The Remember Me Thursday global awareness campaign encourages individuals to light a candle this day (literally or virtually) and to opt to adopt, reducing the millions of orphan pets euthanized each year.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday Good Eatin' Recipe Hop ~ September 23rd

Welcome to the Good Eatin' Recipe Hop
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We are bloggers that love to cook and love to eat great tasting food!
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Crock Pot Apples & Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal

I wanted to share my favorite breakfast meal - perfect for cool fall and cold winter mornings.

Happy 1st Day of Fall 2014

Apples and Cinnamon Steel-Cut Oatmeal 
made in the Crock Pot

1 1/2 Cup of Water
1 Cup of 2%  Milk
1 Cup of Steel-Cut Oats
3 Tablespoons of Brown Sugar
1 Tablespoon of Flax Seeds
1/4 teaspoon of Salt
2 Tablespoons of Butter
1 teaspoon of Cinnamon
2 Apples diced

VERY IMPORTANT ...spray your crock-pot with a non-stick spray or give it a coat of butter. Prevents oatmeal from sticking to your crock-pot.

Add all ingredients to the crock-pot and cook on low for 7 hours. SMELLS DELICIOUS!

Approx. 5 servings at 1 cup each.  I place my oatmeal in reusable containers - put them in the fridge then each morning I microwave me a bowl of tasty oatmeal.

I calculate about 200 calories per serving - depending on what you top your oatmeal with.  Mine I always top with sliced almonds.

Monday, September 22, 2014

Zipadee Zip Slumber Sack Giveaway - Ends 9/26

Are you asking yourself  ~ What the heck is a Zipadee Zip?

  • The Zipadee-Zip was designed to aid the swaddle transition.
  • It provides the cozy , enclosed feel and sensation of the womb or swaddle but full range of movement to push up and roll over.
  • It encourages longer, sounder sleep for babies who have never been swaddled!
  • It keeps a little one’s hands warm all night long.
  • It prevents a baby from scratching their face (great for babies with eczema).
  • It teaches a baby to self-soothe to sleep by providing a cozy environment to get comfortable in.

  • It helps aid the transition from a Rock and Play Sleeper or a Swing to a Crib.
  • It makes diaper changes a cinch!
  • It makes trips to the doctors’ office a breeze (the baby can be buckled in to a car seat in the Zippy and the Zippy can be easily removed off of a sick little one for a doctor check-up).
  • EASY TO USE!   A much easier alternative to PJ’s due to the zip enclosure and no arm or leg holes to fuss with!  PERFECT FOR BIGGER OR OLDER BABIES TOO!
  • Perfect for stroller rides on cold days!  Can be buckled into a stroller and you don’t have to worry about blankets falling off!

WIN a Zipadee-Zip Slumber Sack

The giveaway starts Monday at 12:00am on September 22nd and will End on ~ 
Friday September 26th at 7:00 pm CST 
The day of the Shark Tank Premiere
Yes ~ Zipadee-Zip will be featured on Shark Tank!
Easy Entries

 Zipadee Zip is responsible for prize fulfillment. Winners will be notified via email at the end of the giveaway and will have 48 hours to respond, otherwise forfeiting their prize. Giveaway is open to US residents only.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Make Easy Badge Holders

Easy way to make a Badge Holder a piece of jewelry.  I work at our local hospital and I must wear a badge at all times.  This morning I was was organizing my outfits and  I thought gosh I am so sick of wearing a  plain badge holder.  Since I am such a recycle nut I thought I would take some old pins and give them a new life.  
Here they are!
Super easy to do.  I bought badge holders from Dollar Tree.  I then took old pins - removed the pin part on the back - then glued the pin to the holder using E6000 glue. 
E6000 glue takes a while to dry - make sure the pin is centered and you have something to hold the pin in place while it is drying.  The pic with the finished pins - I am using the base of my bedroom TV to hold the pins in a straight position while they are drying so I could take a pic for this post. 
Not bad - 6 new Badge Holders for $2.00 plus glue! :)  If you wear a badge everyday at work - the next time you are at Rummage Sales and see a neat pin. Pick it up and make yourself a fun badge holder. 

The Turquoise Tower by Travis Simmons - Giveaway ends October 5th

The Turquoise Tower (The Revenant Wyrd Saga #6) 
The captivating sequel to A Guardian of Shadows.

In the mystical lands of the Great Realms, Angelica, Jovian, and Joya search for their kidnapped sister, Amber. Their quest has led them through many dangers and revelations, but nothing has prepared them for what’s about to come.

A dream reveals what Angelica and Jovian are, but what does it mean for their future? There’s little time to dwell on this, for the chaos dwarves, the scourge of the Realm of Earth, are gathering at the gates of the Guardian’s Keep. The dwarves have the stone Wyrders’ Bane, and they’ve shown they know how to unleash its plague upon all those who wield the magical force of wyrd. With casters neutralized, a mighty blow has been dealt to the allied forces. The dwarves and trolls attack the keep, and the struggle to survive the war in the north is upon them.

Angelica, Jovian, and Joya’s journey is far from easy, but the future looks even bleaker when visions of a gathering darkness in the west and a congregation of angels could mark the beginning of the final war on the Ever After.

Buy the book from.....

About the Author
Travis has been writing since he was 14.  He began writing a book called "The Calling of the Two" and while writing that on and off he started uncovering another idea.

"Yes, this is all well and good, but what about before? What happened in the world before these characters came into it?" He always knew there was a "before" and as he started wondering about it he got ideas. At first they were little ideas but as he discovered the names for his characters a whole story about them emerged.
Travis started working on The Revenant Wyrd Saga several years back and he is very happy he did because hearing and documenting Jovian and Angelica's story has been one wild ride for him.  He has also written the Infernal Design series.

He lives in a small town at the base of the Adirondack Mountains and hoofing around my neck of the woods gives him a ton of inspiration for his novels.   He loves research, and speculating on different ideas and theories.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Resurrection of Hannah by Kathryne Arnold ~ Giveaway Ends October 5th

"The Resurrection of Hannah is the story of a woman whose path is forever altered, her first tentative step leading to an astonishing life journey. As the story develops, Samantha is torn between the polarities of everyday existence ―between present and past, love and fear, hope and despair—finding herself unable to exist in two very different worlds, she must go full circle to find her way home. The Resurrection of Hannah was inspired by true events, the first in what I believe is a unique series full of gripping plots, memorable characters and unanticipated bends in the road. The sequel to this book," - Kathryne Arnold, author 

Samantha Clark meets with a monthly group to delve into subjects of interest. They dabble in meditation, dream work, and hypnosis — just friends having fun. But lately Sammi is feeling off-kilter and plagued with poor sleep. Searching for a natural solution, she discovers a bitter herb known to induce slumber, whips up a concoction to sweeten the herb, and imbibes. Unbeknownst to her, these areas of experimentation are whirling together to form the perfect storm, one that will blow open an entrance in Sammi’s mind that leads to another world, a door that can never again be closed.

She becomes enmeshed with two friends in a tug of war between life and death: Melissa is dealing with a complicated pregnancy and Julie is wrestling with cancer. Adding to this turmoil is Sammi’s disconnect with her career as a psychotherapist; her life doesn’t seem to fit any longer. Into the drama walks Todd, a handsome, laid-back guy who lightens up her days. Trouble is, Sammi is having a hard time getting close, and a nagging sense of doubt and fear. Like so many times in the past …

But the topper to all this is the dreams. They begin innocuously…but quickly morph into mind-blowing spiritual adventures. The crazy nocturnal activity appears to be related to a soulful character trying to make himself known. In a quest to uncover the truth, Sammi researches clues discovered during her nighttime romps. What she finds is another facet of herself…all wrapped up in post-colonial 18th-century clothes. Sammi flies off to New England, and with the aid of the Rev. Clark, her skeptical father, she embarks on an adventure, revealing a tragic, centuries-old mystery. One only Sammi can solve.

A truly amazing read - I found myself unable to put the book down. This was a perfect book for me - I have always thought our dreams meant something - I was just not sure what.  Kathryne Arnold was able to turn dreams into a whole new meaning - amazing book.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Gotta Wonder

I remove the tags - this is from my new comforter.
Do you remove these tags?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that  I have received no product or compensation to promote these products - I wanted to share with my readers a excellent brand of dog food.  Thanks for visiting.

This week on Barking Wednesday I wanted to share Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food.  Kinger's new favorite.  I buy King Senior food - he is 11.  I want King to eat healthy - I was SHOCKED when I first learned what is put into dog food!  SHOCKED!!!!

Born Free USA has a excellent article on What is in Dog Food? It is amazing what companies will do to save a buck. AMAZING!

Natural Choice buys all of their own ingredients and they trace all ingredients back to the growers.  Their food contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. There is no chicken by-product meal, corn, corn gluten meal, wheat, rice flour, soy protein or menadione(synthetic source of vitamin K).

I read labels and I check out what the dog food is made of. Nutro Natural Dog Food passed the test and Kingers loves it!

Nutro comes in dry, canned and treats.  Nutro offers a great tool on the left hand side of their website.  Check your dog's Breed Size, Life Stage, Tailored Formula, and Dog Food Type. The products per your specs will show on the screen.

Knowing where the ingredients in dog food comes from is so important. It is a policy that I think is a MUST HAVE for all natural dog food companies.

What is your dogs favorite brand of dog food?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three easy ways to get your home ready for WINTER in SEPTEMBER

Yipes it is after Labor Day!  Where did the summer go?

Fall is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and also get a head start on winterizing your home for the cold hard winter coming in a few months.

August tips for getting ready for winter were thermal drapes, roof heat cord , and furnace check-up. See post HERE.

Here are three easy ways to get ready for winter in September.

  • September is a perfect time to buy furnace filters.  We start watching the sale flyers for deals on furnace filters. Hubby buys a case each September.  A years supply - one filter a month.
  • Perfect time to give your home a good cleaning and make sure all vents are free from furniture.  Making sure that furniture is not blocking vents helps keep the air evenly distributed in your home.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans - you can cut your heating bills by 10% by running your ceiling fan in the winter - the fan will push the hot air that raises down - saving you cash!

I also start in September getting my garden in shape for the winter months. Each week I remove the plants that die ~ till the garden is completely clean. Once all the plants have been removed I fertilize and this year I am planting garlic in the far corner.  I will have fresh garlic in spring :)

I also start in September to remove plants that have died from my flower beds and flower pots.  Doing a few task each week makes the job easy and doable.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Live Longer Pillow ~ It is AMAZING

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that the products mentioned in this post have been received for free for evaluation purposes.  With that being said rest assure that I only give honest opinions. The opinions are my own and always will be.  Thanks for visiting.  

I was given the opportunity to review The Live Longer Pillow.  A fantastic pillow designed to extend your life for 15+ days each year.  Right away I was like how is that going to happen?  

The pillow is designed using Pinus Cembra wood as the filler of the pillow.  Pinus Cembra  Swiss pine, Swiss stone pine or Arolla pine that grows in the Alps and Carpathian Mountains of central Europe. Poland, Switzerland, France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, Slovakia, Ukraine and Romania.
Click HERE to read about the scientific test that concluded that using the Live Longer PIllow provided each participate with an additional 15.2 days per year life extension plus find out the 10 health reasons the Live Longer PIllow makes a difference!

I must say when I use the Live Longer PIllow I wake up feeling great. I never would've thought that sleeping on shaved wood would be comfy - but it is. The smell is very relaxing and soothing after a long day.  I think it is amazing how scent is so powerful to help reduce stress.

I was sent the Meditation Live Longer Pillow ~ a gorgeous earth tone orange pillow. My pillow is 16" x7" perfect size for a comfy pillow.

No special maintenance is needed for my pillow. The outside case is washable. To keep the Pinus Cembra chips activated all I need to do is place the inner pillow outside so the pillow receives approximately 2 hours of sunlight a month. That is it! AMAZING!!!!


Make sure to check out their website for the the test results on how the Live Longer Pillow can benefit your life. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sisters in Love FREE on all retailers!

If you haven't read Snow Sisters yet? 
SISTERS IN LOVE is FREE on all retailers!
Plus, you can get SISTERS IN WHITE, Book Three for only  $.99 for a limited time 
They both make a great gift! 


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Girl in the Black Pajamas by Chris Birdy - Giveaway Ends 10/26

R&B Investigations is under attack. Their employee is shot in the back as he enters the building, and a hacker is trying to compromise their secure network. While the Boston police investigate the shooting, Bogie McGruder needs to find the culprit who is trying to put them out of business.

Bogie and his partner Rose Jones can’t disclose their internet problems to the cops since Bogie is a hacker himself.

Bogie McGruder returns to Boston with his four- year-old daughter Isabella. He joins up with Rose Jones’ uncle Walter who is fresh for Lompoc Prison. Bogie and Walter strengthen their firewalls while they try to determine who is behind the invasion. As the R&B team hones in on the culprit, they uncover several murders and discover a plot to wipe out the financial institutions in Boston.

While Bogie is in Boston, his extended family in Palm Beach becomes enmeshed in a sex scandal that threatens to ruin lives and careers in the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office.

Feeling like a wishbone about to snap, Bogie tries to handle problems in both cities while Isabella continues her quest for someone to teach her the Five-Point-Palm-Exploding-Heart technique as seen in Kill Bill Volume 2.

This tale of murder, revenge and greed takes the reader on a whirlwind trip from Boston to Palm Beach and back. Buckle your seatbelt!

Buy the Book from     Barnes and Noble

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Crum Creek Mills ~ Soy Bites

Hi….I wanted to make sure to tell you upfront that the products mentioned in this post have been received for free for evaluation purposes.  With that being said rest assure that I only give honest opinions. The opinions are my own and always will be.  Thanks for visiting.  

When I was asked if I would like to review Crum Creek Mills Soy Bites - I had no idea what to expect. I have never really eaten anything made with Soy Protein. 

When the Soy Bites arrived I immediately opened the bag of Everything Flavor and gave them a try. I was surprised they tasted just like a breadstick. I have no idea what I thought they would taste like. They are BREADSTICKS - HEALTHY & DELICIOUS BREADSTICKS!


    Made with non-GMO soy protein ~ No artificial flavors or preservatives

Many of you know I work at the local hospital - working the Emergency Room.  I love my job - but somedays we are so busy, that taking a break is something that is not going to happen. 

Last Sunday night my Soy Bites and Laughing Cow sure came in handy. I was able to munch on Soy Bites with cheese while I was working. Perfect nutritious answer to a common problem so many of us have. Too much to do and too little time.  The snack bags work great for having a quick healthy snack - 105 calories for the whole bag. Add a healthy dip and you have a perfect snack or like me a lunch!  Each bag of Soy Bites contain 6 grams of protein - equal to one hard boiled egg - impressive snack.   
Protein packed mini-breadsticks ~ Deliciously healthy
Soy Bites come in four flavors: 
EverythingOutrageous Onion
Remarkable Rosemary & GarlicSuperb Sesame
My favorite is Everything Soy Bites with Laughing Cow Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomato & Basil Flavor.....YUMMM! 
Crum Creek has a SPECIAL OFFER for my readers!
They have given me a 50% OFF discount code for my readers & followers for them to use good towards the purchase of their mini breadsticks.


Click HERE to Order

Crum Creek Mills delightful Soy Bites were created by Ara Yeramyan, PhD, a gourmet cook and scientist with a passion for inventing delicious, nutritious foods. He created Crum Creek Mills soy products out of his kitchen.

Sign up for recipes, tips, discounts and more ~ HERE 
(Upper right hand corner)
Soy Bites Ingredients:
Unbleached Wheat Flour, Soy Protein, Expeller-pressed Soy Oil, Yeast, Malt Syrup, Baking Powder, Wheat Gluten, Salt PLUS FOR ROSEMARY AND GARLIC: Dried Rosemary, Garlic Powder FOR SESAME: Sesame Seeds FOR ONION: Onion Powder. FOR EVERYTHING: Poppy Seeds, Sesame Seeds, Onion, Garlic, Salt, Yeast, Corn And Malt Syrup And Dried Brewer Yeast.

Barking Wednesday ~ Dog Facts

I love this pic of Kingers - he looks like he is being very serious and letting me know about something that is important. 

That is why I added this pic to this weeks Barking Wednesday post. Today 

I want to share a few facts about dogs that can make a huge difference in their quality of life.

Did You Know ..................................

  • That dogs really do not like to be hugged. Hugging a dog is a sign of dominance.
  • Dogs can learn up to 250 words - emotions are so important to a dog - Kingers might not understand my words but he can for sure understand my tone of voice.
  • Dogs know when you are upset - take a few minutes and give them attention this will ease their concern.
  • Make sure your dog gets daily exercise - the exercise will change with age. Kingers loves to play catch - but with his age and leg issues - we only throw a ball a few times. But we do make sure to play at least three times a day.
  • Do regular body checks on your dog.  This is a great way to notice any changes in your dog - if you notice a change call you vet ASAP.
  • Dogs like routine - feeding times - play times.  Kingers will remind us time to play and heaven forbid if I forget a treat after he has been outside. I get the look of "What no treat"
  • LOVE LOVE LOVE your dog - because he LOVES LOVES LOVES YOU!
Kingers is such an important part of my life!  I found this pic on Facebook - it says it all!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Empty Pickle Jar

A great lesson we should never forget

Thank you to the person that designed and produced this fantastic video - valuable lesson expressed beautifully.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Have you?

Have you ever had something  happened to you that changed you in such a way that you now look at life through totally different eyes?
 I honestly think I have ~ 
When my husband was terribly burned.
After that terrible accident I changed.  
I now respect life more and I do stop everyday 
and smell the roses.
I am healthier both mind and body.
I don't like to talk about the accident or the recovery - but it never leaves my mind.  It is always tucked away in the corner as my reminder that 
"Life is a Gift" 
~ a gift that needs caring and love for all.

Friday, September 5, 2014

The Renaissance of the Heart by Lori M Jones - Giveaway Ends 11/2

After her husband of fifteen years comes out of the closet, a blindsided, forty-year-old Amanda Lewis is forced to salvage what remains of her shattered heart and navigate a new life for herself and her teenage daughter. But will a sizzling secret romance with a famous young NFL quarterback lead her to winning the life she deserves or set her up for her biggest loss yet?

As she embarks on the journey of rebuilding her home, Amanda discovers that finding forgiveness and repairing her damaged self-worth are her biggest challenges of all. While searching her soul–and even searching inside her city's history–she finds answers. But will answers come too late and can a broken heart ever be truly fixed?

"Renaissance of the Heart is a light-hearted yet soul-filling story of what true love looks like" - review from Amazon

"This is the best book I have read in years! Lori Jones is an amazing author and needs to get more books out there! It's so hard to put this book down!" - review from Amazon

"This is a great book and you can't wait to get to the next chapter! The author draws you in right away with this story. The characters are amazing!" - review from Goodreads