Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Three easy ways to get your home ready for WINTER in SEPTEMBER

Yipes it is after Labor Day!  Where did the summer go?

Fall is a perfect time to enjoy the outdoors and also get a head start on winterizing your home for the cold hard winter coming in a few months.

August tips for getting ready for winter were thermal drapes, roof heat cord , and furnace check-up. See post HERE.

Here are three easy ways to get ready for winter in September.

  • September is a perfect time to buy furnace filters.  We start watching the sale flyers for deals on furnace filters. Hubby buys a case each September.  A years supply - one filter a month.
  • Perfect time to give your home a good cleaning and make sure all vents are free from furniture.  Making sure that furniture is not blocking vents helps keep the air evenly distributed in your home.
  • Reverse your ceiling fans - you can cut your heating bills by 10% by running your ceiling fan in the winter - the fan will push the hot air that raises down - saving you cash!

I also start in September getting my garden in shape for the winter months. Each week I remove the plants that die ~ till the garden is completely clean. Once all the plants have been removed I fertilize and this year I am planting garlic in the far corner.  I will have fresh garlic in spring :)

I also start in September to remove plants that have died from my flower beds and flower pots.  Doing a few task each week makes the job easy and doable.

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