Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Barking Wednesday ~ Halloween Safety Tips

This weeks Barking Wednesday is all about 
Halloween Dog Safety.
Kingers wanted me to share with you some very important Halloween Safety.

* Chocolate is poison to dogs.
*Be prepared to tell big & small people - please do not touch the dog. 
* If your dog is not friendly with strangers (human and other dogs) - no matter how cute he/she looks in their costume - please keep your dog home.
* Always keep you dog on a leash

Have a Fun Halloween!
Dog Halloween Safety


  1. Great tips, I always want to go up to pets in costumes when they are all dressed up looking cute!

  2. Fabric paint for pleating details. Take a length of ribbon and make a bow tie for your little man. Just make sure it doesn't his ability to breathe or bark. You should be able in fit two fingers easily between his skin and the ribbon. dog costumes