Saturday, November 1, 2014

Gotta Wonder

Lately I have been noticing quite a bit of drama on Facebook. I asked myself is this the result of rude people or is there more to this.   I am beginning to think that  much of the rudeness on Facebook may be a result of our environment. 

On Facebook a person makes a comment - others take it as being rude. The person that made the comment is shocked it was considered a rude comment.

Could the comment not be rude in Wisconsin - but rude in New York?  Or not rude in Virginia but very rude in Montana? Rude in Texas but not rude in Oregon?

I do know my family in Michigan prepare many foods much differently than I do in Wisconsin. When I visit I have decided not to cook.  A few times  there have been some hard feelings on the way I cook certain foods. I have learned better for me to let them cook their way.

My family in Pennsylvania  call items by different names.  A soft drink is called a soda not a pop. In fact that happened to me on Facebook/Blog once.  I called a item a grill when the person that wrote the post called it a griddle. It is a grill to me and a griddle to her. She was from Kansas and I am from Wisconsin.  What I called the item caused a lot of stress for both involved  - hurt feelings. No rudeness was intended on my part - I call it a grill and still do. I think what we call certain items is related to where we live.

If a person is from Italy and I am from the USA - I expect for us to communicate differently.  Wonder why if a person is from Texas and I am from Wisconsin - why do I expect them to understand everything I say and mean? 

Also, how do I type INTENT? 

Social media has changed the way we communicate. Before social media I would of never been able to be online and communicate with so many all over the world at the same time.  Could this be the basic issue with so much drama on Facebook?

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  1. I think it is surprising how people interpret things, then get all upset. I have noticed this now and then on the social networks. I spent my early growing up years on the east coast. When we moved back to the middle of the country there were so many changes in how things were done and said.