Thursday, February 12, 2015

For the Love of Books Hop ~ February 12th - 15th

The Perfect Series is about  three friends Maddy, Christine, and Amy. They are friends since college, are thrilled to learn their old suitemate's self-help book, How to Have a Perfect Life, has become a smashing bestseller - until they realize she used them as negative examples of how women let fear mess up their lives. The worst part's sort of true. So, the three friends make a pact: They each have one year to face down their fears - and prove Miss Perfect wrong!
Maddy's journey is Almost Perfect
Christine's journey is Just Perfect 
Amy's journey is Too Perfect
I really enjoyed each book - Almost Perfect was so good I just had to find out what happened to Christine and Amy.

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  1. Love finding new authors, what a shock to find you're being looked upon in a negative light when you didn't even realize.

  2. I read Julie Ortolon and enjoyed Almost Perfect and the others are on my TBR list!!!