Monday, February 23, 2015

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Your Home

Whether you are planning to rent your home, move or if you simply want to refresh the overall atmosphere of your dwelling, ridding the smoke smell from a property is a necessary task to complete. Using a few tricks and tips allows you to get the smoke smell out of your home without having to move and find a new location to live altogether.

Ventilation is Key
Ventilation is extremely important when ridding the smoke smell from a home or even from a confined space in your house. Opening windows and vents helps to refresh the air while giving the smoke that has been let off an outlet. Getting a cross-breeze within the home is also essential when you have smoked throughout the space and have a smoke smell in more than just one room in the house itself.

Wash Walls and Carpets Thoroughly
Washing walls with a light cleaner and using water is another way to rid smoke buildup and smells from areas in the home that have been smoked in for years or even decades. If it is not possible to rid the smoke buildup from walls with a classic and traditional washing method, it may be time to think about repainting the surface altogether once it has been scrubbed down.

Use Vacuum Carpet Cleaner
Any time you are cleaning the smoke from a home it is also imperative to vacuum all carpeted areas thoroughly. Over time, smoke buildup often lands in carpets along with ashes and remnants from cigarettes themselves. Using a vacuum carpet cleaner after you have used a traditional vacuum is another way to eliminator odors while freshening up the carpet throughout your home without having to rip it up and replace it entirely.

Put Vinegar to Use
Place exposed bowls of pure vinegar around the home and in areas where there is a dense smoke scent. Using bowls of vinegar helps to attract and absorb the smell of smoke, ridding it from your walls, furniture and airflow while eliminating the odor altogether.

Wash Windows
Wash all of the windows in your home that have been exposed to cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke is let off from the heat which allows the smoke to flow throughout the home freely. Washing all windows is a way to quickly eliminate an additional source of the smoke odor in a home or in a specific room in the house. This is also true of drapes and curtains. If vinegar and washing doesn’t do the trick, you may need to consult a window treatment professional to help.

Replace and Update Filters
Replace all heating and air filters in your home if you have had smoke buildup for months, years or even decades. Adding new air filters helps to eliminate trapped smoke toxins and odors that have built up within the filters themselves.

Regardless of whether you are no longer a smoker or simply want your home to smell fresh and welcoming to visitors, taking the time to get the smoke smell out of your house is a must. With just a few cleaning tips and tactics it is possible to have your home smelling fresh and without a scent of smoke when done properly.

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