Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Barking Wednesday Welcomes Diesel

This Barking Wednesday I would like to introduce Diesel. Our new Smooth Fox Terrier puppy.  
Diesel was 10 weeks old yesterday. 
Smooth Fox Terrier

 Medium Size ~ 20 POUNDS

124th Most Popular Breed

 Family Oriented

Amusing ~ Friendly ~ Independent
When I first saw Diesel I knew it was meant to be. We purchased Diesel from a very respected breeder of Smooth Fox Terriers. She usually only has one liter a year. Diesel was born on Dec. 30th, 2014. 
He has a new kennel - toys - and all kinds of things for him. We placed  Kingers old bed in Diesels kennel - something I know Kingers would want. 

Barking Wednesday will be full of adventures raising a very active puppy. I am sure I will have lots of tips on what not to do! and hopefully tips on what does work!

Diesel and I are looking forward to fun Barking Wednesday's!! 

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