Friday, April 3, 2015

2015 Personal Goals Update

Instead of making New Years Resolutions I decided to make 2015 Goals instead. 

Every three months I will be posting a update on where I am at in my journey.  I have met three of my goals - 7 more to go.

#1 ~ Read one book a week ~ audible books count  :) - I am way ahead of my goal. As of today I have read/listened to 52 books!
#2 ~ Be healthy - eat right & exercise
(walk at least once a week with Dawn & ride the exercise bike at least 3 times a week) - this I am a little slow at tackling - I have started eating right - but exercise is coming a little slow. I have started walking daily. I plan to get a FitBit to help hold me accountable. 
#3 ~ Everyday do at least one act of Kindness ~ find the positive in all. - this I try everyday - a few days I have missed. I am hoping that it will turn into a habit like breathing.
#4 ~ Find us a new puppy ~ his name will be Diesel. Train him and love him with all our heart. - Diesel came home to us on March 7th - the three of us are having a fun time. 
#5 ~ Do some inside painting of rooms - paint shed - organize basement & garage - this has not happened yet
#6 ~ Get comfortable driving the 2500 Ram - This has not happened yet
#7 - Do one event at local market with Glass Wind chimes This has not happened yet
#8 ~ Sell Camper This has not happened yet
#9 ~ Plan fun trips with family & friends This has not happened yet
#10 ~ Develop a  Planner for my blogs - Planner is done! It took two months to figure it out but it works

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