Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Barking Wednesday ~ Dog Collars

This Barking Wednesday I wanted to talk about Dog Collars.  Gosh there is so much information online about  which collar is best for dogs.  I think it should be worded the other way around. Which collar is best for which breed of dog and also take into consideration the personality of the dog. 

King my Black Lab that passed after Christmas always worn a neck collar. A Tough Hound Collar with all of his information engraved on the collar.

King always liked a collar - he never had any issue with wearing a collar. The Tough Hound Collar had no rough edges and was made of strong leather. Since King was over 100 pounds  - we needed a strong collar. I liked the fact that his information was always on his collar. No risk of losing any dangling tags.

King played outside and always stayed in the yard. Often he would be outside by himself. 

Diesel on the other hand HATES a collar! He acts like we are killing him when we put on a collar. Right now I  am not a fan of a collar on Diesel because his neck is small and I would think it would hurt if he pulled on it.  So for Diesel we are using two different type of harnesses on him. A coat harness and a lead harness.
Since Diesel only weighs 12 pounds a harnesses works great. Diesel is never outside alone and we are always with him. When Diesel is in the house we take off the harnesses. When he gets older we plan to have him also wear a collar. 

A few tips I do know about collars:
  • Never leave a chock collar on a dog when not training the dog
  • Never leave a Prong or Pinch collar on a dog when not training the dog
  • Many collar companies will engrave or embroider your dogs info on the collar
  • Make sure the collar has no rough edges that could cause skin irrational for your dog
  • Some collars have breakaway clasp to prevent chocking
  • If the dog collar is cloth - make sure to wash it often to ensure it is clean to prevent skin irritation.
  • Beware of plastic collars they can get hot and cause skin irritation. 
  • Harness collars come in varies designs - find out which design works best for your dog.
  • Coat collars are by size. I like to try on the coats at the store to make sure they fit properly. Coats are not one size fits all and a medium in one brand may not be the same size in a different brand. 

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