Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Barking Wednesday - Importance of Exercise

This Barking Wednesday I want to share with you the importance of making sure you are exercising your dog.
Exercise is key to a healthy dog. Diesel is a Smooth Fox Terrier. They are a very active breed. If I fail to exercise Diesel - he gets down right naughty. 
After researching lack of exercise in dogs ~ I found that lack of exercise causes boredom and frustration for him. In turn he is naughty. Much like a small child. 
Here are a few behaviors & health issues I found that can be related to lack of exercise:
Heart disease
Aggressive behavior
Running away
Now our routine is simple. Quick morning walk if I am working. Then when I return home - we head to the farm and he gets at least a mile run. Having him run at least a mile a day does wonders for a hyper puppy! 

Here is a pic of Digger during a run and Diesel after a run!
Digger is a 9 month old Fox Red Lab and Diesel is a 3 month old Smooth Fox Terrier. They are bestest of friends!
Nice part is the exercise for Diesel & Digger is also exercise 
for Dawn & I ~ both mentally and physically.

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