Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Barking Wednesday ~ Vet Visit

Welcome to Barking Wednesday. Today I wanted to share with everyone Diesel's first Vet Appointment.

I took Diesel to a new vet. When I was deciding on a new vet - I wanted a small practice. 
I like the smaller practices where the staff know you and your animal. When we started with Dr. Harris he had just graduated from school and had been working with a larger practice. He started his own practice and we followed him. After years of building his practice - he had a huge practice with five vets working for him. We were still okay since I always requested Dr. Harris. Since he retired and sold the practice to two of the vets on his staff - the personalized care seemed to be gone for me. Once King passed and we got Diesel, I knew it was time for us to move on to a new vet.  

Going to a new vet ~ seems so odd to me. I choose Countryside Veterinary Clinic in Burlington for Diesel's new vet. Small practice - his wife is the office manager and he has two assistants. I was made to feel welcomed and I do believe I have found a fit for us.  I got the feeling that Diesel also liked him and the vet office. 

As always I came prepared with my list of questions for Dr George. I can not stress the importance of being prepared when you take your dog to the vet. I have learned the hard way that once inside if I do not have my list of questions - I miss very important topics I wanted to discuss. 

My Questions for the Vet were:
  • Heartworm treatment? Which treatment is best for his breed.
  • When is he due for more shots?
  • His weight?
  • When will Diesel be full grown?
  • Amount of food he recommends for his size?
  • Nail clipping?
  • Hiccups?
  • Scratching? Allergies?
  • Does he need supplements to his diet?
  • Is the amount of exercise he is getting sufficient?
  • Behaviors associated with Smooth Fox Terriers?
Diesel's vet appointment was a success. Next appointment the end of the month for his last puppy shot. 
Diesel's new vet is Country Veterinary Service ~ Dr. William George, DVM. I am positive we will have a great working relationship - when I felt comfortable during our first visit - I know it is a meant to be!

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