Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Barking Wednesday ~ How to Treat Heartworm, Fleas & Ticks

This Barking Wednesday I want to talk about the importance of ensuring your dog is free from Ticks and Fleas and also Heartworm.

The 1st of every month is Diesel's treatment day. Each month he gets a Heartgard chewable to prevent Heartworm disease and to prevent Ascarid and Hookworms. He also gets a NexGard chewable to kill Fleas and Ticks. 
Check out this video - it is amazing what a heartworm can do. 

Watch the dangers of ticks and fleas.  NASTY!

There are many different brands to use for both issues - our vet recommend Heartgard & NexGard. Diesel takes the chewable tablets and I think he likes them. 

Save $50 on Heartgard & Nexgard 
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With protection Diesel is safe to lay in the sun and enjoy the warm weather.

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