Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Sophie's Animal Parade written by Amy Dixon Illustrated by katina wish

Mama calls it Sophie’s imagination, but Sophie calls it magic. Everything Sophie draws comes to life, and one day when Sophie feels lonely, she decides to draw a friend. But the polar bear cub isn’t very happy in Sophie’s room, where it is much too warm. So Sophie tries again. But the duck wants to swim in a pool full of water. And the giraffe is too tall for the tiny room! It isn’t long after the elephant shows up that things begin to get a little too wild and Sophie must demand that everyone go outside. In the backyard, with all her new friends, Sophie meets someone new—someone who happens to be anexpert lion trainer. It looks like Sophie’s magic may have worked after all.
Featuring a charming crew of animals and two children who believe in magic, this sweet and funny picture book teaches children to combat loneliness with creativity, persistence, and a little imagination. Filled with the lovely watercolor illustrations of Katia Wish, Amy Dixon’s Sophie’s Animal Parade takes children on a journey toward friendship.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Mark your calendars!!!

Madison , Wisconsin is one of the best and often most overlooked foodie cities in the U.S.  Our farm-to-table culture is cemented in our culinary landscape.  Everything from food carts, pizza places all the way to high-end dining can claim a great relationship with area farms.  And, the food shows it.  From the freshest produce to the most intriguing way of preparing ingredients, Madison food scene is pretty amazing. We’re home to one of the US largest and oldest farmer’s markets—and which the additional REQUIRMENT that the vendor also be the grower, we take this farm to table stuff pretty seriously!

Add to the equation of growing distillery movement (Death’s Door anyone?) or our highly regarded craft beer movement and you’ve got a destination that necessitates some strategic planning to make sure you get in all the best sips and bites! And for the best news yet—Yum Yum Fest is back (AUG 23)- the brainchild of the Madison Area Chef Network this premiere foodie event takes collaboration to its best and most delicious level yet!


The second annual Yum Yum Fest is an end of the summer party organized by and featuring the members of the Madison Area Chefs Network (MACN).

The festival will take place on Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 at Central Park in downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Tickets for admission cost $10 and are available in advance, with children 12 and under being admitted for free. Tickets for food and drink offerings during the event will be sold at the festival for $5 a piece. Proceeds from the admission costs will go to benefit food-related children’s programing in the Madison area.

Yum Yum festival shines light on the rich culinary community in Madison in a fun & inclusive way. In addition to over 24 food & drink booths, Yum Yum features regional musical acts and an interactive element. Further details as well as ticketing information can be found at
Madison Area Chefs NetworkChefs working to strengthen Madison's food system through collaboration and community.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Dog Park vrs People Park

Yesterday I wanted to take Diesel for play time at a local Dog Park. When I arrived I started reading the rules....what caught my eye was ......

Rule #3 Your dog must be current with all necessary vaccinations!!! 

I walked over to the People Park where my kids played. Immediately I noticed there were NO RULES posted at the People Park.  Interesting!

So, I immediately starting thinking....
Am I understanding this CORRECTLY?

If a dog owner that wants their dog to play with other dogs ..The dog owner is required to make sure that their dog is vaccinated so that all of the dogs playing at this Dog Park are protected from serious diseases.

But when my children play with other children at the People Park ..... 
Am I the only person that has 
issue with this?

Friday, June 26, 2015

My Green Fills

I was given the opportunity to review My Green Fills laundry products. Since I only use natural products I was excited to give My Green Fills a try.  Today I did 7 loads of laundry - clothes, sheets, rugs and towels. I am very impressed at how clean my laundry was and also how fresh it smelled. All done with NO CHEMICALS.  

My Green Fills is a totally new concept to laundry products. You never buy a jug! Your first jug is free and all you do is use a powder refill. Add powder, 90 degree water and shake and you are ready to do your laundry.NO more landfill JUGS!  
    Get the LAST LAUNDRY JUG you will every own for FREE!  Click HERE 
My Green Fills has four products. Unscented Laundry Soap, Fabric Softener, Color Safe Brightener, and Enzyme Stain Remover. All you do is add the packet tot he jug then fill with 90 degree water then shake. Simple! No Fuss!  All of their products are 100% natural no chemicals.  

Did you know when you wash your clothes in chemicals the chemicals stay on the clothing and is absorbed into your skin. No wonder their are so many skin irritation issues - our bodies are absorbing who knows what!  I have severe psoriasis - about 10 years ago I discovered that my skin was 1000 times better when I stopped using chemicals!  If you have any type of skin issues - give My Green Fills - no chemicals! 

No more Jugs and they use rice paper for the dry ingredients so that even the packaging can be recycled. easy to join - you decide which products and how often to send. Great way to have natural laundry products delivered to your door. So simple - at a cost that families can afford. Free shipping on all refill orders. 
Unscented Laundry Soap - 50 LOADS
  • Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic, and 100% Natural
  • Designed for standard and HE machines
  • 3x Concentrated power! One refill lasts you 50 loads
  • Cold Water formula
  • Cleans great!

Fabric Softener - 50 LOADS
  • Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic, and 100% Natural
  • 2/3 Cups per load for standard washer
  • Free of dyes and perfumes
  • Concentrated formula - One refill lasts you 50 loads
  • Reduces static and softens your laundry
  • Cold Water formula
 Color Safe Brightener - 25 LOADS
  • Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic, and 100% Natural
  • 2/3 Cups per load for standard washer
  • Free of optical brighteners and chlorine
  • Concentrated power! One refill lasts you 25 loads
  • Brightens with the power of oxygen!
  • Cold Water formula
 Enzyme Stain Remover - 50 LOADS 
  • Nontoxic, Hypoallergenic, and 100% Natural
  • Uses the power of natural enzymes to safely digest stains.
  • Powerful, concentrated cleaning power! 2.5oz refill lasts you 50 loads
  • Leaves your clothes looking like new!
  • Cold Water formula
  • All it takes is one small scoop per load

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hockey Goes Green guest post by Wildly Aware

My son's personal collection of hockey sticks.
     You've probably noticed that green is everywhere these days -- in the news, politics, fashion and even technology.  Well now you can add hockey to that list.   Reduce your carbon “stick” print and join Total Hockey’s Green Initiative by recycling your broken and unusable composite hockey sticks.  
     Twenty five years ago hockey sticks were made from wood and wore out, and aluminum sticks would bend or crack. The problem with the 3.2 million composite sticks produced worldwide is that they are bound to wind up in a landfill.  Hockey Green hopes to slow the number of newer sticks going into landfills by offering a $10 credit towards a new stick when you turn in your old stick.
     Hockey is about scoring goals. Hockey Green's goal for this initiative is to build a large inventory of carbon fiber materials that can be used by scientists so they can develop a method to reuse these materials in the creation of new products.  

     Composite materials are known for their durability, high strength, excellent quality and low weight, but what were faced with is the need to recycle composite materials and no identifiable process for doing so.  Composite is widely used in automotive, construction, aerospace and renewable energy industries because of the edge it provides over traditional materials.  Fortunately, R&D activities are on the rise to finding solutions on how best to recycle and dispose of composite materials.

  • Take broken composite stick to a Total Hockey retail store.
  • If stick meets qualifying eligibility requirements, you will receive a $10 credit towards a new stick purchase.
  • If you do not have a stick with you at the time of your purchase you have 90 days to bring in an eligible stick to receive the $10 credit.
  • All new stick purchases made online will include a Hockey Green bag providing players an easy way to return their unwanted sticks to Total Hockey recycling process center.  Place the FREE UPS Return Ship label on the package and drop off at a UPS store or drop box.
Let's all share the same goal and help reduce our carbon footprint!
For more information visit...Hockey Green. Hockey Green.  Reduce Your Carbon Stickprint.  Recycle your hockey stick today.
For post about Hockey ~ Lake Life ~ Cats ~ Flawless Finds check out Wildly Aware.

Thanks Wildly Aware for 
sharing and supporting being 



Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Drury Inn & Suites made traveling with Diesel so easy!

Today's Barking Wednesday I want to talk about taking your dog on vacation. Diesel went on his first vacation. We traveled from Wisconsin to St. Louis, Memphis, Tupelo, MS, Nashville, and Campaign, IL then back home. We were excited about taking  our trip but nervous about how well Diesel would adjust to hours of driving.

Our first night we stayed outside of St. Louis - we choose The Drury Inn & Suites in Festus, MO.  We were amazed with the service and amenities. I highly recommend Drury Inn & Suites!!!! EXCELLENT!!!!

Drury Inns & Suites offer a huge Breakfast Bar every morning plus a Evening supper bar - complete with alcoholic beverages.   Not to mention excellent customer service - clean - modern - pool - free 60 minutes long distance calls plus much much more!!!  

All Drury Inns & Suites are PET FRIENDLY!!!  They only charge a $10 fee per stay for your pet!  

We enjoyed our stay at the Drury Inn in Festus, MO so much that I made reservations for the Drury Inn & Suites in Nashville and also Campaign, Il for the last days of our trip.
The Drury Inn & Suites are ideal for families. 

To offer breakfast and dinner included in your room is a huge plus for families. To take a family of 5 out to breakfast and supper daily while vacationing can be a hard hit to your vacation budget. SAVE $$$$$ with meals included in the room rate. The food taste GOOD!!!

Drury's pools were all very nice - the kids loved swimming under the wall allowing them to swim both inside and outside. It was a perfect night for swimming 88 degrees in Nashville at 9pm at night.

Drury Inn & Suites are excellent and Pet Friendly! 

 Here is a list of items to make sure to bring along on your trip for your pet.
  • Crate
  • Leash
  • Dog Dishes
  • Water Bowl - bottled water for the ride
  • Food - always bring a few extra days worth in case your plans are extended
  • Treats
  • Boogie Wipes - to clean up any messes. I use Boogie Wipes because they are natural and safe for people & pets 
I made Diesel his own vacation bag - it worked great keeping all of his items in his bag.

Planning and being prepared are key to having a successful trip with your pet!  Enjoy your vacation and have a fun time! Staying at The Drury Inns & Suites will make vacationing with your PET so easy  and FUN!

Monday, June 22, 2015

#InspiredbyCrafted ~ Hill’s Ideal Balance Crafted Dog Food ~ Enter to Win a $300 PetSmart Gift Card

This post is sponsored by Hill’s. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s® Ideal Balance® CRAFTED, but Green and Glassie only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers. Hill’s Pet Nutrition, Inc. is not responsible for the content of this article. 

Diesel is our 5 month old Smooth Fox Terrier. He is full of energy and a true joy to be around. A few weeks ago we took him on his 1st road trip.  We traveled round trip from Wisconsin to Mississippi making stops in St. Louis, Memphis, Tupelo, Nashville and Champaign, Il.

Diesel loves to ride in the truck with his dad. He sits on the middle counsel and acts like he is seriously watching the traffic.  Check out this pic I took during our road trip!

Here is a pic with his Dad ordering food at a drive thru in Paduca, Kentucky! Gotta wonder what is going through Diesel's mind as he watches his Dad and the clerk exchange words.

Diesel passes on drive thru food ~ he is addicted to his favorite food Hill's® Ideal Balance® Crafted dog food. Good tasting and healthy!

Hill's® Ideal Balance® Crafted  dry food is oven roasted in small batches using natural ingredients. Once the dough is rolled out, each kibble is carefully cut out and then baked at 400 degrees until they are perfectly delicious. Years of taste research ensure each bite is as tasty as it can be. The well-crafted style: slower, small batch process ensures quality and consistency.

Crafted is quality natural dog food made the way you would make it from scratch! As you can see Diesel loves his Crafted! Crafted also comes in wet can dog food. Hill's Crafted can dog food is made like a stew containing meat, gravy and veggies. All natural ingredients cooked at 250 degrees to lock in flavor and nutrition.  The canned Beef Stew smells and looks like tasty Beef Stew I would eat! Diesel LOVES it!!!! As far as Diesel eating drive-thru food -NO WAY....he has his tasty dry or wet Hills Crafted! Made just like his mom would make. I am not sure which one Diesel loves best ... dry or wet.
Check out Diesel's favorite sleeping spot while traveling! It is amazing how a 14 year old can lay down sleeping while wearing a seatbelt - using a suitcase as a pillow - listening to his favorite tunes and have Diesel sleep on top of him.  Oh to be 14 again! Life was so easy and worry free!
As part of the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network I am super excited to share with you this 
Fantastic Giveaway hosted by the BlogPaws Professional Blogger Network and sponsored by 
Hill's Ideal Balance CRAFTED!!!
One Lucky Winner will receive a $300 Pet Smart Gift Card to purchase Ideal Balance CRAFTED products for either their dog or cat at their local PetSmart store.
June 9th - June 30th, 2015 11:59pm EST
There is no purchase necessary in order to be eligible to win and is void where prohibited. 
This Giveaway is open to anyone that resides in the United States and is over the age of 18.  Employees of Pet360, Inc., Hill's Pet Nutrition, PetSmart and their immediate families are ineligible. 
This Giveaway will be open from 6/9 - 6/30/2015 at 11:59pm ET. 
Winners will be notified on or about Wednesday 7/1/15 and will have 24 hours to respond to the email before forfeiting their prize.
Made in small batches  
Natural ingredients, perfectly balanced 
100% Balanced Nutrition Guaranteed or your money back 
Made in the USA 
No wheat, corn or soy 
No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives 
Available in Grain free varieties
Like Ideal Balance™ Crafted®  all Ideal Balance brand products are made in the U.S. from only natural ingredients with no corn, wheat or soy.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Quarterly Update of 2015 Goals

It is time for my quarterly goals update
for 2015

Here they are!
#1 ~ Read one book a week ~ audible books count  :) - I have surpassed my goal -
 I am close to over 100 books so far
#2 ~ Be healthy - eat right & exercise - I have been off & on with this issue - I am currently on trying LeVel, Fitbit & eating healthy - I feel great and hope to keep up this plan.
(walk at least once a week with Dawn & ride the exercise bike at least 3 times a week)
#3 ~ Everyday do at least one act of Kindness ~ find the positive in all. - This one I am trying hard everyday to accomplish - so far so good
#4 ~ Find us a new puppy ~ his name will be Diesel. Train him and love him with all our heart. - Diesel has brought so much joy to us - he is a little naughty so training is a must continue to do! :)
#5 ~ Do some inside painting of rooms - paint shed - organize basement & garage - Have not started on these projects yet
#6 ~ Get comfortable driving the 2500 Ram  - Not happening plan on selling it since I have a new Jeep
#7 - Do one event at local market with Glass Wind chimes - I have decided not to do any art fair events this year
#8 ~ Sell Camper - Just reposted the camper for sale and we are looking at purchasing a new one for our trip to Yellowstone in September
#9 ~ Plan fun trips with family & friends - We have already taken a trip down south - heading to PA in July and Yellowstone in September - trip planned to Great Wolf & Cave of the Mounds in August  - Frankenmuth Mi in November.
#10 ~ Develop a  Planner for my blogs - Accomplished and is working great

Friday, June 19, 2015

Hate City ~ Booker #3 by John W Mefford

After a life filled with destruction of others and himself, and his body ravaged by disease, there's only one thing left for Javier Calero to do. Leave a legacy that will finally bring meaning to his life—and to the death of an American president more than fifty years ago.

The CEO of a green energy company is murdered behind his million-dollar estate, his neck nearly severed in two. Recruited to aid the widow and find a savage killer, Booker finds himself in the middle of a family train wreck.

Days later, thrust into the crossfire of a deadly sniper, Booker eludes sure death with the uncanny arrival of a young woman who only wants to save her father from harm. But she can't do it without Booker's help.

Joining forces with a Latin spitfire, Booker and his new sidekick, Maggie, embark on a twenty-four-hour quest to hunt down a killer determined to make an indelible mark on history—just like the one that struck down John F. Kennedy a half-century earlier, which launched a cascade of assassination investigations and theories.

BOOKER - Hate City weaves a historic tale of thrills and suspense, examining the justifications of the unjustifiable.

Again John W. Mefford did a fantastic job keeping me wanting more. I was glued to the book wanting to find out Who, What, When and Where!
I remember watching JFK's assassination on TV. It is was very very difficult time for our country.  I was in 5th grade and I can still close my eyes and tell you everything that happened once I learned of the assassination. There were numerous theories at the time of JFK's death - Hate City added a few more.  If you are into suspense, drama and a great story line - Hate City is for you. I recommend your read the entire Booker Series Books 1 & 2.

Book available from...

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Canine Flu is Spreading

This week on Barking Wednesday I want to share a guest post written by the American Veterinary Medical Association ~ AVMA
The Dog Flu is spreading rapidly across the USA. Many dogs are ill in my state Wisconsin.
See what we can do to make a positive difference curbing the contagion.  
How to Curb the Contagion 
The Canine Influenza has been spreading throughout the continental United States, including Wisconsin, so the American Veterinary Medical Association(AVMA) has some information and tips to help dog owners better understand the virus. “What we need to keep in mind is that humans can physically transmit the virus - which can stay on our clothes for up to 24 hours- so it is important to be careful about interacting with any unknown dogs,” says AVMA spokesperson Dr. Aspros “With proper education, we can do
our best to minimize the spread.”

What is canine influenza?
Canine influenza (CI), or dog flu, is a highly contagious infection caused by an influenza A subtype H3N8 virus first discovered in 2004.

What are common symptoms of the infection in dogs?
In the mild form, the most common sign is a cough that persists for 2-3 weeks. However, some dogs can develop signs of severe pneumonia, such as a high-grade fever (104°F-106°F) and faster breathing. Other signs in infected dogs include nasal and/or ocular discharge, sneezing, fatigue, and refusing food.

Is every dog at risk of infection?
All dogs, regardless of breed or age, are susceptible to infection.

How does it spread?
Canine influenza is spread from dog to dog through the air, contaminated objects (kennel surfaces, food and water bowls, collars and leashes), and people interacting with infected and uninfected dogs. On surfaces, the virus is alive and can infect dogs for up to 48 hours, on clothing for 24 hours, and on hands for 12 hours.

Can veterinarians test for canine influenza?
The most reliable and sensitive method for confirmation is serologic testing. Antibodies to canine influenza virus can appear in blood as early as 7 days after symptoms begin, and the virus may be identified in nasal or pharyngeal swabs during the first 4 days of illness.

Any treatment options?
In May 2009, the USDA approved the first influenza vaccine for dogs. Trials have shown that it can significantly reduce the duration of illness, including the incidence and severity of damage to the lungs. Dog owners should consult with their vet to determine whether the vaccine is appropriate for their dog.

Can canine influenza infect people?
There is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted from dogs to humans.
For more information about canine influenza virus, visit

Thank you AVMA for this excellent article.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#ShaunTheSheep ~ SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE opens nationwide AUGUST 7, 2015.

The whole animal gang is headed to the U.S. THIS SUMMER to share their exciting city adventure in SHAUN THE SHEEP MOVIE
Being a LAMB myself - I definitely want to see this movie! 
When Shaun decides to take the day off and have some fun, he gets a little more action than he bargained for.  A mix up with the Farmer, a caravan, and a very steep hill lead them all to the Big City and it's up to Shaun and the flock to return everyone safely to the green grass of home.
Lionsgate presents a Studiocanal and Aardman Animations production.
Directed by: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak 
Screenplay by: Mark Burton, Richard Starzak    
Produced by: Julie Lockhart and Paul Kewley  

Official Motion Poster on YouTube: 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Rodales Organic Life

I have found a great magazine Rodales Organic Life.  I was given the opportunity to review the Premier Issue of the magazine. I am excited to say I just ordered my two year subscription.

I am a avid electronic reader - in fact I read about 90% online or on my tablet. But there are a few things that I like to hold and read Organic Life is one of those magazines.

It is a 6 issue a year magazine - I like that - it gives me two months to totally go through the magazine - check it out by giving each article my 100% attention. I also plan to save the publications and use them as reference tools. 

The best way I can describe Organic Life is that it reminds me of a organic version of National Geographic magazine. Quality articles with superb photos - extremely informative. Well worth the $24 for a two year subscription!

In the premier issue there are excellent articles:
  • FLOWER POWER ~ An in-depth look at the sustainable flower movement with beautiful spring bouquets raised in ways that support healthy ecosystems.
  • WALKABOUT ~ An expansive feature that explores the art, history, and science of walking, including a list of 10 of the greatest walks, a smart walker's gear guide, and a diagram to help you find the best shoes for your walk.
  • SALMON BAY ~ A first-person account of the yearly journey to catch wild sockeye salmon in Bristol Bay, Alaska, also featuring a buyer's guide to sustainable salmon; inspiring, delicious salmon recipes for Spring; and six easy sauces perfect for salmon.
  • LET THERE BE LIGHT ~ A visual collection of dwelling places around the world, showing readers how to bring more natural light into their living space.
  • MIXED GREEN ~ A comprehensive guide to the today's best homegrown lettuces, with accompanying photographs, strategies for planting and growing, and recipe recommendations.
I especially enjoyed the Salmon Bay article and recipes. We love salmon and we are always looking at new and exciting ways to cook salmon.

If you are organic or looking for ways to bring more organic living into your life Organic Life magazine is a excellent choice. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Check out this new smart technology

that saves people money while reducing carbon footprint, without sacrificing comfort and convenience. 
Mistbox is a green, IoT device that reduces AC-related energy consumption (and energy bills) by 30% on average. It employs a process known as evaporative cooling, used industrially for decades and finally coming to the residential space. On June 11th (please embargo for 12:00 pm EST), Mistbox will be announcing the official retail launch of the product for homeowners.

Some key facts and features include:
  • Wifi connected with a mobile app to track and manage usage, savings and settings
  • Solar powered with no need for batteries or hard wires
  • Qualifies for a 30% Federal Green Tax Credit
  • Three years of extensive beta testing and funded through a successful Kickstarter campaign
As summer nears in, Mistbox is a beneficial product for many homeowners looking to be energy efficient.