Thursday, June 11, 2015

How does your state rank???

If you are like me and someone you love will be driving soon - check out this info! I was amazed at the facts.  Wisconsin is not in the top 10 - Wisconsin is #11. 

With teens obtaining driver’s licenses during the summer more than any other season and an average of 250 auto-related teen deaths every month during the same period, the
leading personal finance website WalletHub followed up on its analysis of 2015's Safest States to Live In with an in-depth look at the Best & Worst States for Teen Drivers.
We compared the driving conditions for teens in the 50 U.S. states based on 16 key metrics. The data is broken down into categories that examine the safety conditions, economic environment and driving laws of each state.

 Best States for Teen Drivers Worst States for Teen Drivers
 1New York 41Idaho
 2Oregon 42Maine
 3Massachusetts 43Mississippi
 4Hawaii 44Oklahoma
 5Delaware 45Nebraska
 6Illinois 46Missouri
 7Connecticut 47Wyoming
 8Nevada 48North Dakota
 9Rhode Island 49Montana
 10New Jersey 50South Dakota

Key Stats

  • There are 11 times more teen driver fatalities per 100,000 teens in North Dakota than in Connecticut.
  • The percentage of major roads that are in poor condition is 10 times higher in California than in Nebraska.
  • The increase in auto insurance premium after adding a teen driver to a policy is seven times higher in New Hampshire than in Hawaii.
  • The number of vehicle miles traveled per capita is two times higher in Wyoming than in New York.
  • Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, Nebraska and South Dakota are the states that lack most of the optimal teen driver’s Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) provisions, each with two or fewer of the seven provisions.

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