Monday, June 1, 2015

Ten Years of My Life

I am a member of a fun group called Bodacious Bloggers. A few of us are participating in a 2015 Summer Blog Hop. 
Each month we have a different topic...this month our Topic is for us to write the Past 10 years of Our Lives. 

May was our Town
June we are to recap or share highlights from the past decade of your life

10 years of my LIFE!

Please join me in my trip down memory lane. Gosh there have been so many fantastic events in the last ten years.
The majority of the days were great but there were a few really sad days. 

A few of my highlights of the last 10 years - 
  • The three loves of my life are growing so fast!
  • I gained a son-in-law - now I have three grown kids that call me Mom.
  • My Mom & my Dad are now in heaven  - golfing and playing bridge daily. My father-in-law is sitting on the golf cart enjoying a beer and the weather while they golf.
  • Kingers & Dozer are laying on the rugs in heaven. Nope I got that wrong they are on the beds in heaven. 
  • Diesel and Digger both born in 2014 - Digger in June ...Diesel in December are filling our hearts with love and joy.
  • I retired from my career job of 30 years and now I have a part time Dream Job! I work at our local hospital in the ER department and also Admissions.  I love it - I work with a fantastic group of ladies.
  • We took our fantasy vacation to Alaska! It was amazing.
  • I started DeDa Studios and began selling my Glass Art meeting gifted artist from around the world. 
  • I became a blogger in 2010!
  • I was seriously ill and survived ~ my hubby was seriously burned and survived.
  • I met my very Best Friend!
All in all the past 10 years have been amazing. A few bumps in the road ~ I wish our health was better but other than that........the past 10 years have been a fun ride.

Now I need to fasten my seat belt for the next 10 years. 

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