Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Barking Wednesday ~ Bad Mix ... Hot Temperatures, Dogs & Cars

This week on Barking Wednesday I want to discuss Pet Safety.

To help spread safety tips ~ Blog Paws has designated July as Pet Safety MonthAs a member of Blog Paws I want to share a Safety Topic each Barking Wednesday in July.

Importance of not leaving your pet in your car during hot days.

Did you know the reason WHY you 
car heats up so fast?
The reason your car gets so hot so fast is shortwave energy enters your car through the windows. In your car the longwave energy cannot escape. 
On a 85 degree day after 1 Hour your car's inside temperature is 140 degrees. 
On a 100 degree day after 5 minutes closed up the inside of your car is 138 degrees - 15 minutes the car is 150 degrees.

I found a excellent article that explains why and what happens to 
a pet left in a hot car. 
BlogPaws has a excellent article on 

Legal Ways to Save Pets Left in Hot Cars

Be Safe 
Do Not Leave Your Dog in Your Car when it is HOT Outside

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