Saturday, July 18, 2015

Famous People I have Met

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Here story about the famous people I met..... 
Travel back in time 26 years ago on July 18th, 1989 to a small resort town in Southeast Wisconsin. Hubby and I decided to take a Date Night and stay all night at the Hilton Inn in Lake Geneva. Lake Geneva is a resort town located about 10 miles west of us.  It is a FUN place to stay, eat, and bar hop.  After I had a few too many wines we started our journey back to our room at the Hilton.

The Hilton was located on the shores of Lake Geneva - beautiful location. Once inside we decided why not stop at the bar for one more drink. The bar was almost empty so we walked in and sat down at the bar -  my hubby ordered himself a beer and for me a coffee. Instantly my hubby stated talking to a group of guys that were sitting on the far end of the bar. They were talking fishing. Since my hubby loved to fish and he fished often especially Lake Geneva he was in 7th heaven telling fish stories.

2 am came around and the bartender asked us and the seven guys if we would like to stay after closing. We were the only people in the bar. Right after the bar closed the bartender brought in a cheese & sausage plate, veggie tray and fresh fruit. I can still remember thinking gosh that is odd. First time that has ever happened to us.

At about 3:30 am one of the guys said to us "This is so refreshing to talk to you guys. You have not asked us once for anything."  Now mind you I drank so much wine I had been drinking coffee since 1 am - I was getting sober.   I looked at him and said "Why" "Who are you?"  He laughed and said we are the Grateful Dead Band.  Right away my hubby and I looked at each other.....sure enough they were!  We were fans!!  We all laughed and then proceeded to go back to telling fish, camping, Harley and Jeep stories. 

We finally left the bar after 7 am - thank goodness for late checkout. The bartender kindly went to the registration desk and approved us a very late checkout. 

A night we have never forgotten! We laugh and still tell the story about us and the Grateful Dead in the Hilton Bar on the shores of Lake Geneva.

Just so happens the Grateful Dead were playing at Alpine Valley about 20 miles northeast of Lake Geneva - they were playing for three days - we enjoyed their company on night two of their stay in Wisconsin. 

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  1. GOD! Lucky! Most people wouldnt understand the thrill of being a real deadhead!

  2. What a cool story!!! Thanks for joining our summer blog hop

  3. Awesome story. I love how you only realized at the end who they were. I'm sure it made your time together even better!