Tuesday, September 8, 2015

2015 Goals Update.......

It is time for my quarterly goals update
for 2015....this has been a FUN project. Seeing how things change has been interesting. What I thought was important on January 1st is no longer important...Life Changes!

Here they are my 2015 Goals!
#1 ~ Read one book a week ~ audible books count  :) I have surpassed my goal -
 I am close to over 100 books so far - I am still reading it feels good to have one of my favorite hobbies back in my life - READING. 
#2 ~ Be healthy - eat right & exercise - I have been off & on with this issue - I am currently on trying LeVel, Fitbit & eating healthy - I feel great and hope to keep up this plan. - I have fallen off the healthy wagon :( after I return from my trip I am climbing back on.
(walk at least once a week with Dawn & ride the exercise bike at least 3 times a week)
#3 ~ Everyday do at least one act of Kindness ~ find the positive in all. - This one I am trying hard everyday to accomplish - so far so good - I am working  at this daily
#4 ~ Find us a new puppy ~ his name will be Diesel. Train him and love him with all our heart. - Diesel has brought so much joy to us - he is a little naughty so training is a must continue to do! :) - training is getting better - now he is chewing ~ so working on stopping that issue
#5 ~ Do some inside painting of rooms - paint shed - organize basement & garage -Have not started on these projects yet - not yet  ... when I return from vacation that is my next project
#6 ~ Get comfortable driving the 2500 Ram  - Not happening plan on selling it since I have a new Jeep - still not happening
#7 - Do one event at local market with Glass Wind chimes - I have decided not to do any art fair events this year - not going to happen I have decided I am not doing anymore art fairs 
#8 ~ Sell Camper - Just reposted the camper for sale and we are looking at purchasing a new one for our trip to Yellowstone in September - Camper is SOLD - closing on October 4th
#9 ~ Plan fun trips with family & friends - We have already taken a trip down south - heading to PA in July and Yellowstone in September - trip planned to Great Wolf & Cave of the Mounds in August  - Frankenmuth Mi in November. - So fair trip to PA - UP Michigan - northern WI ... had to cancel Great Wolf trip (bed bugs at Wisconsin Dells) - we are leaving for Yellowstone this Friday
#10 ~ Develop a  Planner for my blogs - Accomplished and is working great - still on track with blogs. My system is working :)

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